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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 75

Merchants .&       Savings      Bank 
stabll lod 1ets 
STREET GUIDE 1919     Forest Park blvd  75 
138 Linford Laurence 
1314 Edw J Howland 
32' Michl Rabyor 
George E Geise 
ELLIOTT, from 140 Beloit &v w 
to Alphonse pl 
121 Jno Payne 
3 0 Bernard Ter Meath 
3: Henry H Knox 
Ross Knox 
MeTey blvd nterects 
ELM, from 1200 Court a to Ruger 
FIFTH (N), from 450 N Main 1/s 
blk and n to Glen 
1,oi Edwin Woolsey 
1 2 Stanley Hill 
461 Emery Parka pntr contr 
4,,1 Vacant 
FIFTH AV, from 701 Prospect av 
n to Blaine av 
301 Mrs Marg Burns 
305 Mrs Gertrude C Rowe 
Mrs Emily McDougall 
4th av Intersects 
4115 Alvah E Lloyd 
41,1 Irving J Waggoner 
t'has J Schottle 
411 Chas Doheny 
415 Geo V Gray mus tchr 
Mrs Inez Sicsu 
42, l'rancis E Buss 
421 Mrs Clara Casson 
.Tno Guernsey 
42* llobt Schlueter 
427 Lloyd Gridley 
432 Arnold Fuchs 
,rno F Yahn 
4331 l)r Jno Perschbacher 
431' Horace Wilkins 
44 Otto P Grube 
Glen intersecta 
51., .rno J Hoefler 
.511 Thos Kneeland 
515 Wm T Scofield 
521 Herman Miller 
523 Misses Coen 
526 Fred H Green 
521, .1 Chas Strickler 
532 Bert Hilton 
Le Roy Elliot 
G Theo Carroll 
538 G Wm Richter 
539 Paris Nimmer 
Hyatt intersects 
608 Willis N Cash 
614 Fred G Boettcher 
615 Benj F Moore 
619 Herman W Kramer 
620 Herman 0 Trieloff 
623 Edw Krueger 
626 Walter M Lawton 
629 Carl Rogge 
Walker intersects 
702 Jno C Schiferl 
Earl A Barker 
703 Harry Townsend 
712 Anton Hanewold 
It Mary's av intersects 
827 Mrs Berths Fessenden 
n end Joe Hort 
FIRST (N), from 102 Main e to 
108 Fuder Repair Co 
109 Union Hotel 
Paul Bahr 
110 Hugo Nobienasky tinsmith 
112 Kemp & Rasmussen blksmths 
N Bluff intersects 
211 Jno Nickol 
N Division ends 
302 Edw Connors 
303 Vacant 
308 Frank Eller 
309 Olney Chester 
312 Martin C Lawtenslager 
313 Rev Chas M Olson 
Mrs Mary B Olson 
Rev Jos Newman 
:117 St Mary's Cath Church 
N Wisconsin InterseU 
403 Henry J Casey 
409 Mrs Louise Smith 
410 Covert N Van Kirk 
419 Leroy F Holloway 
Ruger av a to Racine 
102 Wnm J Jones 
Phones 137  10 W. lilwankee SG.  Janwevillo Wis. 

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