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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 69

S)hlsAN[$vll"" 1- BUOINIQ I  Wi ..,or erw ftds 
WPtham YomN Msmt d Wo 191 terry 9 
Thorough and Practical Business EdmeatlesM  EkB 
Chatham N    STREET GUIDE 1919   Cherry 69 
446 Eugene D Clapp 
449 Mrs Blanche Lindass 
Fred P Hall 
452 Vacant 
455 Thos Nash 
456 Mrs Anna Boos 
461 Mrs Delia Dulin 
Mrs Mary Hughes 
462 Fred W Tall 
465 Albert W Roehl 
468 Frank D Donogan 
469 Edw D Aeheson 
Mrs Aurora Dana 
474 Vacant 
479 Albert J Huebel 
485 Mrs Anna Knipp 
WHI Ullius 
Minera Point     Intersects 
512 Thos H Huggett 
515 Win Dabson 
516 Fred J Hessenauer Jr 
520 Emanuel E   E   Hilt mason 
esse E Meadows 
521 Mrs May F Nicholson 
Nl rs Marian L Stoddard 
527 Otis Z Bullis 
2 (lifford Bulli 
Theo W Brown 
533 Mrs Sarah J Porter 
3S le.slie E Pire 
544 -rnest F Schumaker 
551 -No Horn 
557 Ernest A Strampe 
563 Claude E Harrison 
O5 Otto F Bloedel 
Elinbeth intersects 
603 \fl rs Elizabeth Techman 
 1 \\*in E Moore 
;15 Wm C Huggett 
;2,, Ubt Kyle 
,121 Mrs Martha A Hayford 
Fred A Hayford 
627 Geo S Jones 
62O) \ndrew J Link 
Mrs Anna Link 
61:  Thos J Malloy 
1HATHAM    (8), from 1401 Pleas- 
ant a to Sate 
2 \liss Anna Mahoney 
Poley Sisters 
11 Jno P Joyce 
Mrs Nellie B Carr 
12 Willard A Huntley 
18 Mrs Mary Whitebread 
24 Harry B Bidwell 
Mrs Jennie C Bidwell 
Center intersects 
102 Mrs Lottie Larson 
Mrs Ella Farmer 
108 Austin Lee 
Frank Lula 
115 Paul Gragoss 
Holmes intersets 
303 Henry Saunders 
Galens intersects 
612 Win Sturtevant 
eor Raceway Western Dyers Awn 
Rock River 
Grand av ends 
Eastman Intersets 
CHIRY. from 601 Pleasant a to 
600 Western av and from Eastern 
Av s to Zy 
102 Warehouse 
106 Mrs Ellen Leary 
Thos S Nolan 
108 Jas B Dearborn 
Dr Franklin T Richards 
120 Jas M Jackson 
Clement C Tuite 
Center intersects 
152 Jos N Galloway 
153 Emma S Rumrill 
158 Mrs Anna Lienau 
Chas E Arthur 
Dennis J McCarthy 
159 Levi Moses 
162 Mrs Sarah C Dougherty 
165 Mrs Bridget Dowd 
166 Frank P Welch 
168 A Vacant 
B Saml Stelter 
170 A Oscar F Halverson 
B Marg Halverson nurse 
171 Alice Martin 
Cora A Martin 
Delia Brazzel dressmkr 
School intersects 
202 Oeo H Bauer 
203 Misses Hunt 
I B 
N I 
G N 
640 Third 
TeL 01 
CHARLES A. ENSLSW       sLmln 
Attorney and omsolr at Law 
CIENTAn, nLooK     JANS   nILLn. WaoCONSIE* 

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