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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 68

103.Geo W Bidwell auto livery 
108 Ruben Powell 
Mrs Novelia Hager 
Washington av ens 
601 Mrs Lena Hall 
612 Mrs Hannah Steed 
613 Martin J McDermott 
620 Frank Hall 
Western av intersectS 
702 Vacant store 
2 Jos Dongarra 
Mike Corta 
707 Chas A Bier 
714 Mathew Hausen 
715 Aug M Marsh 
Riverside intemets 
802 Chas H Marsh 
Win Marsh 
814 Aug Thomas 
Reck Diver 
Eastern av intersect 
1012 Jno Lutz 
Aug Lutz 
1015 Chauncey K Miltimore 
Eureka Stone Quarry 
1115 Wm Robinson 
1127 Robt Kennedy 
1414 Mrs Elizabeth O'Connor 
cs 1 . State Win A Douglas 
e a 2 s State Vacant 
os 3 s State Thos J Spohn 
e s4 s State Mrs Eva G Noyes 
e s 5 a State Kellogg's Nurseries 
Marcus S Kellogg 
w a I a State Mark L Baum 
w a 2 s State Robt G Jeneson 
OHARL      from 2101 Pleasant s to 
116 Jno J Cronin 
. Michl Cronin 
122 David Ackerman 
OHATHAM (N), from 1400 PleG- 
at n to Highland av 
15 Jno J Kelly 
21 Chas D Cain 
92 Luther D Siron 
102 Mrs Sarah Peters 
The Best of Silks at Right Prices 
26 West Milwaukee 8L a t 
8 Center av    1919 STEE' 
Charles H Hudson 
WCKT m   U lauOar 
Mee k  uu    -   I 11 
3  8 1 2   JmodleVIIh, W1. 
GUIDE                Chatham N 
109 Hugh McCaffery 
114 Mrs Sarah E Hennessey 
115 Aug Bergmann 
120 Waldo Luehsinger 
191 Mrs Helen Haffery 
127 Fred J Elser 
Mrs Charlotte Hankey 
W Bluff inteueU 
203 Leroy Butler 
209 Harvey L Lindley 
215 Arthur A Wobig 
216 Louis V Michael 
221 Dunphy Sisters dressmkrs 
222 Clayton Spaulding 
227 Eli P Drake 
Eva Drake dressmkr 
228 Otto T Gehri 
232 Rich Erdman 
233 Chas R Fish 
236 Chas W  Gregory 
303 A Edward Johnson 
304 L Gilbert Beers 
Mrs Addle C Palmer 
308 Mrs Mary Trieloff 
309 Fred J Gehri gonl contr 
318 Mrs Minnie Elser 
321 Arthur S Wright 
324 Wmn C Mills 
325 Mrs Rose Orr 
326 Harry Hamer 
328 Henry Robbins 
333 Mrs Eda Wilt 
339 Reinhold C Zerbel 
DAvine fnterac 
403 Mrs Lucy D Meqgott 
Mrs RubyWhittWr 
9 Frank Morse 
409 Mrs Sadie A Carman 
j Wallace Carman 
Chas D Fitch 
412 Jno G Hummel 
Nels Smith 
415 Delbert Greenwood 
418 Mrs Anna Erickson 
421 Henry 6 Arnold 
424 Win H Hiller 
427 Win 8 Davison 
430 Mrs Delifean A Helm 
433 Wellington W Johnson 
436 Mrs Harriet Huggett 
439 Christian Boehi 
440 Cornelius j Hayes 

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