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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 67

FIFIELD LUMBER             00. 
BUILDING MIATERIAL    Both Phones 100 
)enter     STREET GUIDE 1919  Center av  67 
2 Mrs Lou Hall 
8 Walter B Pitcher 
4 Orion E O'Brien 
15 Arthur J Butler 
S High and Cherry intersect 
.09 Jas Mullins 
.14 Chas W Blay mason contr 
.15 Rev Emil A L Treu 
8 Academy intersects 
'11 Frank Smith 
Mrs Lois Swan 
'14 Samil J Turner 
Ray R Fitzgerald 
Will J Murphy 
Mrs Mary Callahan 
Jos Farnsworth 
15 Chas J Richter 
20 Cora B Galer 
21 Wil J Hall 
a Locust Intersects 
02 Oren S Day 
08 Emil Pautz gen eontr 
11 Mrs Mary Farrell 
Mary Farrell nurse 
13 Jno Brannigan 
14 Patk Geary 
Mrs Ellen Fitzgerald 
17 Chas Cassidy 
20 Wil Rodau 
21 Roy C Valleau 
Iaun intersects 
03 Win MeAuliffe 
07 Mrs Mary Morris 
11 Edwin Slawson 
Mrs Sophia Christopherson 
7 Oddison Brower 
I1 -Alichl T Connell 
Center av intersects 
By tracks era 
T.R AV, from 1001 Pleasant s 
0 city limits 
0 C & N W Ry frt depot 
Center Intersecta 
'9 L Maud Shubert 
5 Mrs Laura Arneson 
School intersects 
2 Cen H Rumrill leaf tobacco 
3 Jio J Dulin 
Mrs Christina Hovland 
211 Patk J Dulin 
215 Geo Kastner 
216 Kee & Chapell Dairy Co 
220 Bay 's Creamery Co 
221 Thos Sullivan 
Holmes intersects 
302 Thos P Burns 
303 Oliver White 
308 Jas York 
309 Clark Jones 
314 Walter J Seitz 
315 Eugene F Delisle 
320 Jas Dee 
Homer L Day 
323 Oren C Inman 
324 Michl F Hayes 
325 Hugh Heenan 
327 A Jay Walker 
328 Herman Naatz 
Elmer Himley 
332 Rolla D Stone 
338 Wm A Brown 
339 Geo Boyd 
North intersects 
402 Otto C Meyer 
403 Miehl C Seitz 
408 Walter H Wade 
409 Albert H Shekey 
412 Mrs Martha Jones 
Arthur G Jones 
Alfred W Mitchell 
413 Miehl J Steed 
417 Chas Paseoe 
Mrs Lydia Pascoe 
418 Alfred H Johnson 
423 Fred Ford 
424 Danl D Bennett 
425 Herbert W Adams piano tuner 
426 Jos M Starr 
Galena intersects 
502 Robt Beilke 
Arthur W Spaulding 
503 Mrs Isabell Daggett 
506 Jno J Kohler 
Kohler & Cassady pntrs 
507 Jno M   Lundh 
512 Jno Foster 
Jessie M Foster mus tchr 
513 Wm V Tassel 
518 Jos H Shekey 
519 Alvin E Hagar 
524 Levi G McCulloch 
T. P. BULNS         CO.    4~r of Jao ,., 
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