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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page [61]

Janesville- Directory 
AOAUM   T   %)  'ies     W   I 
Valhe 1i "-  2!12=         .. 
12 Robt 7 3'    auto dhi 
14     o8p am      berbes 
15 =o.0.Gkqy salf 
17 AseNewelat 
2Ju-J Keney mft 
22-24 ikeil Mfg & Supply Co 
24 The Janesville Flees 
Wal1 tatSU5St8 
102-104 New Ooumerscal Hotel 
Oliver Grent 
George Bidwull taxi line 
108 Aug W Dnrfab rests 
110 Henry W Robbins bowling al- 
120 Jisayille Wholele Groc Co 
121 C & N W Poe 8bation 
C   a Shaver luack s 
W ug tntusseta 
207-20 Greenas Tobseeo Co 
221 Mrs Stuie 8tiekney 
222 JoeA   y   leaf tobacco 
224Maee      M loaf tobacoo 
IUs ebS 
301 Lawrese Habee. 
302 Mis Jasoim Mfison 
306 Wm I Oea 
307 Geo L Wise 
ohm 0 x res 
310 Ju6 B asI. 
312 Ohms J Mkua 
318 Gen Phi 
316 TAG K Nib 
323 kRch la 
%      Toahn    P~owers aes 
M   Elmer F Maine 
885 Sever 0 Gearder 
837 Do Lane Fonda 
889 Harlow L Bartholomew grocer 
ACADMT (5) frem      S1 W   wI- 
waulNe a to 100 Weabem T amd 
ftm   M1   Umm   Av a to ZY 
9 Wm H Helle 
12 Peter D Champion 
Frank Olives 
18 Henry O Vanderwaker 
17 Yran  W Miller 
18 David D Fowler 
21 Wm B Olin 
Mrs Barbars Wells 
st Ch H OAben 
24 Hamn H Lindorff 
80 Amos Reberg 
Dodge ends 
51 Robt Heidekland 
58 Mime Wilson 
Pleasant Intemeb 
102 Jno X Kennedy 
108 Mrs Louise M LMebke 
106 Wa T Plaherty 
106 Wm T Dooley 
109 Dwd P Davey 
Mrs Anne, Kreepfie 
114 Mr Romanda M Reynolds 
Clarence Sutherland 
115 Jae H Ry 
117 JosH Seholle 
120 Mns Ross Ryan 
121 iso Keating plater eopt 
15g Arshibald J Mark 
1M8 Path Kvanagh 
164 Jno A. Moeco 
S    M ee* nurse 
165 A     a  uadt 
168 Jay Smith 

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