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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

W,   pp. 266-277

Page 271

LF.SU& 0.=,'... FLOUR 
L~~~~~~~lm. Fa 4C          nt. 
176 North 31L~w M bt~ IE FM             ii W! 
JANMSVILLB DIRBCTORY.               271 
Whitaker Marion H. (Whitaker & Barton) h. 1a Park 
Whitalker & Barton (Marion H. Whitaker, Jesse S. Barton) bar- 
bers, i5Y N. Main. 
Whitcomb Charles D. dentist, 3o4 Jackman bldg. h. 14 5th av. 
White Belle Mrs. prop. Madison House, h. 307 W. Milwaukee. 
White Henry, porter, h. 2 S. Jackson. 
White Henry Kirk, h. 8 S. Wisconsin. 
White Olivia B. (wid. James) h. 239 S. Main. 
White William, tmstr. h. 121 Chatham. 
White William L. carp. h. 307 W. Milwaukee. 
Whitehead John M. (Whitehead & Matheson.) h. 203 Jackman 
WHITEEAD & MATHESON (John M. Whitehead, Alexander 
E. Matheson) lawyers, 203 Jackman bldg. 
Whiteside Edgar, lab. h. Hotel Corneau. 
WHITING JOE B. JR. physician and surgeon, 19 W. Milwaukee, 
h. same. 
Whiting Joseph B. physician, 19 W. Milwaukee, h. 52 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Whitmore Carrie D. dressmkr. 6 Bennett blk. h. 61 Milton av. 
Whiton Amoratte T. stenog. 3 P. 0. blk. h. 56 Milwaukee av. 
Whiton Edward V. (Williamson Pen Co.) bkpr. Rock County 
Nat. Bank, h. 56 Milwaukee av. 
Whiton Lucretia A. stenog. The Blodgett Milling Co. h. 56 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Whiton Mary L. (wid. Edward V.) h. 56 Milwaukee av. 
Whiton Victor A. student, h. 56 Milwaukee av. 
Whittaker Frances L. Mrs. teacher High school, h. 1s W. Mil- 
Whittier Charles, clk. 20 S. Main, h. 1o3 Caroline. 
Whittier Ruby Mrs. h. 1o3 Caroline. 
Whittle Margaret (wid. William) h. 6 Milton av. 
Whitworth Clarence, brakeman, C. & N. W. Ry. h. i Linn. 
Wickert Paul R. barkpr. 5 N. Academy, h. same. 
Wickham Alban L h. 154 Locust. 
Wiegand Louis, lab. h. s. s. Eastern av. i w. Jerome av. 
Wiggins Ethel. teacher Jefferson school, h. 202 S. Jackson. 
Wiklund Martha Mrs. h. rear i i9 N. Franklin. 
Wikoduz Abraham, peddler, h. 4 S. Jackson. 
Wilbur Albert J. sec. Colvin Baking Co. h. ioS School. 
Wilbur Emily M. (wid. Louis) h. to5 School. 
Wilbur Fred L. (Skelly & Wilbur) h. 2oi S. High. 
Wilbur Grace M. Miss, h. 68 Chatham. 
Wilbur Inez C. clk. 20 S. Main, h. 2o9 N. Bluff. 
The AND WOuped CoAM Yard 
COil AND WOOD &M                       N     6A ai 

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