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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

N,   pp. 218-222

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~nE 411JaKEE      IUI     : : PFAU IENSIPU FlliT. 
Neumueller John, foreman, h. 4o8 S. River. 
NEUSES PETER E. pres. Janesville Coal Company, h. Wheeler, 
n. e. cor. Gore. 
Neustifter Anton, lab. h. n. s. Eastern av. i w. Beloit av. 
New Doty Manufacturing Co. V. P. Richardson, pres; H. P. 
Richardson, sec.-treas.; machine shop, iz -i6t N. Main. 
NEW GAS LIGHT CO. THE, Hiram Merrill, pres; Louise Mer- 
rill, sec; I. F. Wortendyke, supt; office 5 N. Main. (Tel. 
113.)  Works N. Bluff (Tel. 26). (See front and back 
NEW HAMPSHIRE FIRE INS. CO. of Manchester, N. H. H. J. 
Cunningham agt. 4o3 Jackman bldg. (See top lines) 
New Library bldg. 64-70 S. Main. 
New Post Office, n. e. cor. S. Franklin and Dodge. 
Newbouer John, sec. hd. h. 13 Oak Lawn av. 
Newell Archie, lab. h. 59 Pearl. 
Newell Mazille (wid. Porter) cook 13 N. Academy, h. same. 
Newhouse William 0. lawyer, io W. Milwaukee, h. 21o S. Main. 
Newman James, shoemkr. h. 2 Rock. 
Newman Lillian, domestic 14 Clark. 
Newton Ada, stenog. Peter Hohenadel Jr. Co. h. 2o2 S. Main. 
Newton Caroline (wid. Warren R.) h. 253 S. Bluff. 
Newton Charles F. (Heller & Newton) h. 8 Clark. 
Nichols Charles, carder, h. n. s. Western av. i w. Center av. 
Nichols Ellen (wid. Jonas) nurse, h. 254 Linn. 
Nichols George L condr. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h. 158 Gold. 
Nichols Ida M. cash. 123 W. Milwaukee, h. 254 Linn. 
Nichols John C. foreman 1o4 W. Milwaukee, h. 37 Milwaukee av. 
Nichols William 0. harnessmkr. h. 305 S. Bluff. 
Nicholson Christopher, lab. h. Franklin House. 
Nicholson Frank F. com. tray. h. 157 Chatham. 
Nicholson Gale, clk. 7 W. Milwaukee, h. 157 Chatham. 
Nicholson George T. blksmith. h. 212 S. Academy. 
Nicholson Gladys, bkpr. io W. Milwaukee, h. 157 Chatham. 
Nicholson John H. corn. tray. h. 151 Linn. 
Nicholson Maude, h. i5t Linn. 
Nickel Adolph, lab. h. s. s. 2d 3 w. Adams av. 
Nickel Clara, h. 357 Western av. 
Nickel Julius, lab. h. 357 Western av. 
Nickel. Minnie, spooler, h. s. s. 2d, 3 w. Adams av. 
Nickel Wilhelmine (wid. William) h. s. s. 2d, 3 w. Adams av. 
Nickl Frank, baker, h. 466 S. Franklin. 
Nickl Theresa (wid. Wenzel) h. 466 S. Franklin. 
Nicki Wenzel, blksmith. h. 466 S. Franklin. 
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