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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

L,   pp. 194-201

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J&NBSVILLB DIRCTORY.                105 
Larson Herman, lab. h. 16 Mole av. 
Larson Louis B. (Moseley & Larson) h. 1o4 E. Milwaukee. 
Larson Martha Mrs. h. 11  N. Franklin. 
Larson Nels, wood carver, h. 161 N. Franklin. 
Larson Olaf, farmer, h. n. s. Magnolia av. z w. Oak Hill av. 
Larson Tobias H. mach.-hd. h. rear 161 N. Franklin. 
Laskowske Annie L dressmkr. h. I N. Hickory. 
Laskowske Gertrude, stitcher, h. i4 N. Hickory. 
Laskowske Joseph, lab. h. 154 N. Hickory. 
Laskowske Susan, stitcher, h. 154 N. Hickory. 
Laskowske Susan (wid. Paul) h. 154 N. Hickory. 
Lathers William H. h. n. s. Eastern av. i w. Beloit av. 
Lauderdale William G. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 2o2 S. Main. 
La Vista Flats, 5o-52 S. Main. 
Lawler John, cooper, h. 259 S. River. 
Lawless Louis, mach. h. 211 N. Bluff. 
Lawrence David, packer, h. 213 W. Bluff. 
Lawrence Edward C. driver 27 S. Main, h. 31 S. Main. 
Lawrence Ella, seamstress, h. 213 W. Bluff. 
Lawrence Henrietta (wid. Joseph) h. io9 Park. 
Lawrence Irvin, lab. h. 114 N. Jackson. 
Lawrence John W. (Leary & Lawrence) h. i6o Pearl. 
Lawrence Lindford, stat. engnr. h. 6 Park av. 
Lawrence Mary (wid. Charles W.) h. w. s. S. Palm, i s. West- 
ern av. 
Lawrence Mary H. (wid. Frank A.) h. 2o6 W. Bluff. 
Lawrence Mary M. (wid. Linford) h. 31 S. Main. 
Lawrence Myrtle, seamstress, h. 21,3 W. Bluff. 
Lawrence Sarah (wid. Win. A.) h. 254 S. Main. 
Lawrence Walter, lab. h. i8 Armour. 
Lawson Albert, pres. Janesville Wholesale Grocery Co. h. 2o8 
N. High. 
Lawson Simpson G. mach. h. 6o Prospect av. 
Lawton Hannah (wid. John) h. 157 N. High. 
Layman Jennie, h. i Logan. 
Laymonde Henry A. barber 8 S. River, h. 13 S. Academy. 
Lawyer George W. farmer, h. s. s. State, 6 w. Center av. 
Leahey Patrick B. h. 151 Center av. 
Leahev Thomas, h. 5o8 Pleasant. 
Leahy Jere M. lineman, h. 7 Terrace. 
Leahy Mary (wid. Michael) h. 7 Terrace. 
Leahy Maryr T. dressmkr. h. 7 Terrace. 
Leahy Nellie E. h. 7 Terrace. 
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