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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

D,   pp. 137-146

Page 144

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144            JANBVILLB DIRBCTORY. 
Dowd William, car repairer, h. 5 S. Palm. 
Dower Julia, cook Hotel Myers, h. same. 
Dowling Harriet K. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 117 Terrace. 
Dowling James J. mason, h. 117 Terrace. 
Dowling Sarah J. h. i 17 Terrace. 
Dowling Thomas D. bkpr. h. 117 Terrace. 
Down Estelle E. (wid. Andrew) h. 252 Prospect. 
Down Ivy M. h. 252 Prospect. 
Down John K. florist, 252 Prospect, h. same. 
Downing Caroline A. (wid. Benj. F.) h. i 5th av. 
Downs Ellen, h. 26 Milton av. 
Downs Jane, domestic, 51 S. Franklin. 
Downs Richard F. barkpr. h. 54 Washington. 
Doyle James, lab. h. 52 Center. 
Drager Bertha, domestic, h. 113 Washington. 
Drake Eli P. (Fulton & Drake) h. 64 Pine. 
Drake Eva M. Mrs. dressmkr. h. 64 Pine. 
Drawheim Albert, brakeman C. M. & St. P. Ry. h. 121 W. Mil- 
Drefahl August, lab. h. 188 Highland av. 
Drefahl John, h. 5 Olive. 
Drefahl Martha, clk. h. 5 Olive. 
Drefahl Otto, lab. h. 188 Highland av. 
Drefahl William, lineman, h. 62 Highland av. 
Drew Edna M. bkpr. 408 Western av. h. 251 Lincoln. 
Drew Frank J. mach. h. 251 Lincoln. 
Dreyer Henry C. marble works, 252 W. Milwaukee, h. same. 
Dreyer Otto B3. student, h. 252 W. Milwaukee. 
Driscoll John, carp. h. 1 I4 W. Milwaukee. 
Driscoll Kate, knitter, h. 5 Chatham. 
Driskell Diantha (wid. Davis) h. 161 W. Milwaukee. 
Driver Nellie (wid. Goer) h. 456 Western av. 
Drum Charles H. grinder, h. 261 Cherry. 
Drum Mary, h. 261 Cherry. 
Drummond Agnes M. bkpr. 68 E. Milwaukee, h. 213 Terrace. 
Drummond Charles G. com. tray. h. 116 Cornelia. 
DRUMMOND D. & SON (David A. and William A. Drummond) 
grocers, 68 E. Milwaukee (See back cover) 
Drummond David A. (D. Drummond & Son) h. 213 Terrace. 
Drummond George H. bkpr. The Janesville Machine Co. h. i i6 
Drummond James, carp. h. 294 S. Main. 
Drummond Thomas H. h. 1 16 Cornelia. 
Drummond William A. (D. Drummond & Son) h. 213 Terrace. 
LI8 F. IFPi'S Ir hinr 

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