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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Street directory,   pp. 29-75

Page 33

BLUPP (W.)          88              CENTBR 
358 John Mulquin. 
Andrew J. Holmes. 
Pearl intersects. 
402 Nicholas J. Hermes. 
404 Jacob H. Wright. 
Harry Claxton. 
405 Harry M. Phillips. 
406 Waldo Luchsingtr. 
407 Grant L, Noyes. 
408  Herman Knoff. 
Chatham intersect. 
BOSTWICK AV. i a. Forest Park 
boul. from Racine n. to Logan. 
17 Frank L. Patterson. 
CANAL, a . Western av. from Linn 
w. to Center av. 
CARLE AV. (Monterey) from ad a 
I w. Cnter av. 
I a. 2d Charles Boehm. 
CAROLINE from Prospect av. 3L to 
Benton av. 
2 Richard J. Hart. 
4  Mrs. Rosa Young. 
John Smith. 
4th av. intersects. 
52 Frank Nequette. 
53 Mrs. Mattle Barker. 
54 Thomas Winkinson. 
Harvey Hathors. 
56 Adams School. 
57 Vacant. 
58  George F. Carle, grocer. 
Miss Ella Axon. 
Glen intersects. 
103 Mrs. Ruby Whittier. 
Edmund B. Hayward. 
104 William Slawson. 
105 Cary Vance. 
106 John Donahoe. 
107 Charles E. Ward. 
10   Mrs. Mary Kelly. 
Julius Henning. 
10 Carl H. Kueek. 
Mrs. Anna Kueck. 
110  Mrs. Mary Maher. 
I1I John A. Shurden. 
112 Win. J. Baker. 
Hyatt intersects. 
151 Mrs. Jane Ingle. 
152  Peter Thompson. 
153 Walter T. Harris. 
IO James Mulligan. 
156  Fred W. Schultz. 
158  Fred W. Isaae. 
161 Morris Holleran. 
Walker intersects. 
St. Mary's av. intersects. 
389 Sumner J. Proper. 
Crosby intersects. 
CARRINGTON tat a of Clark from 
S. Main . to Vine. 
5 Fred W. Holden. 
6 Charles H. Gibson. 
11 Hiram J. Cowles. 
12 Fred W. Anderson. 
14 George D. Cannon. 
CENTER, from iso S. River w. to 
11 Janesville Machine Co. 
S. Franklin intersects. 
52  Mrs. Margaret Conroy. 
54 Mrs. Maria Brown. 
55 Thomas Quinn. 
56  Miles A. Cox. 
57 Franklin T. Richards, dentist. 
58 George B. Campbell. 
(0  Frank J. Barfoot. 
S. Jackson intersects. 
103 Edward F. Hemming. 
105  Fred H. Beilharz. 
107  Hiram Cowan. 
109  William T. Mayhew. 
S. High intersects. 
Cherry intersects. 
203 George L. Corliss. 
205 Townshend Sager. 
20   Phillip Rutter. 
S. Academy intersects. 
251 Charles T. Stearns. 
253 Richard P. Kay. 
254  Mrs. Eunice Thomas. 
25 Mrs. S. .Ammarillas Galer. 
Locust intersects. 
303 James A. Toole. 
35 Alva B. Chubbuck. 
307 Mrs. Mary O'Hara. 
306  Samuel C. Cobb. 
309  Roy C. Valleau. 
310  William M. F. Gibson. 
Unn intersects. 
351 Martin Delaney. 
353 James C. Morris. 
355 Mrs. Agnes Berrie. 
357  Mrs. Margaret Battray. 
Mrs. Josephine Henkey. 
Mrs. Josephine Turabull. 
I59  William Smith. 
Center av. intersects. 
Railway tracks. 
Gold. Emmet, Intersects. 
ltql', l lll . * Illlll  ;l 811nqlt! tll.w.A IIlllfll. 

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