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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Street directory,   pp. 29-75

Page 32

~ri1p~ ~V 
St. Mary's av. intersects. 
513 George Irwin. 
e. a. n. St. Mary's av. Amos Munger 
BLUFF (S.) from to2 Z. Milwau- 
ke, . 
9.11 Hotel Park. 
12  Roberts & Clark. 
15 Evan D. Roberts. 
18 Hammond S. Ames. 
23 Mrs. Clars Wilson. 
23-2 Charles G. Spencer. 
Court House Park. 
S. Ist crosses. 
103 William  Ruger, Sr. 
8 2d intersects. 
152 Mrs. Fannie Kimball. 
153 John Winans. 
154 Mrs. Mary Baker. 
Fred S. Taggart. 
Frank Howe. 
158 George K. Coiling. 
S. 3d intersects. 
-201 Rev. James H. Tippitt. 
203 James Plantz. 
Mrs. Hannah H. Johnson. 
205 Win. (. Mahany. 
207 Spencer H. Phelps. 
20   Mrs. Susan A. Angell. 
209 Fred S. Winslow. 
210 Vacant. 
211 Jlames B. Dearborn. 
213 Edward R. Winslow. 
214 Arthur W. Cary. 
Walter A. Maranville. 
215 Robert J. Halteman. 
Dr. Ira .mt. Holsapple. 
217 George P. Billings, carp.-contr. 
Oakland av. intersects. 
251 John Gleason. 
253  Mrs. Caroline Newton. 
Mrs. Jessie Markman. 
254 Harlin E. Cary. 
Mrs. Martha Wolf. 
255 William Cox. 
Agnes L. Cox. dressmkr. 
256 Edwin C. Bailey. 
2.57 Samuel Locke. 
258 Joseph Weber. 
259  Miss Mary E. Lynch. 
I. A. Sherman. 
260 Frank P. Williams. 
Mrs. Harriett Williams. 
Mrs. Hannah Armfield. 
262 Theodore L, Acheson. 
265 Robert Pollock. 
267 .1. Findley Williams. 
260 Henry .. Turville. 
Leonard It. Brace. 
Racine intersects. 
Henry A. Gagan. 
Edward McDermott. 
Charles G. Heck. 
Win. 0. Nichols. 
P. Cornelius Hennessy. 
312 James P. Thorne. 
313 Herbert J. Cunningham. 
Clark intersects. 
352 Frank B. Smith. 
319 Mrs. Bertha W. Shaw. 
Sharon intersects. 
401 Thomas F. Baker. 
403  M. Ernst Monroen. 
s. end Detention Hoeptial. 
George W. Phelps. 
BLUFF (W.) from tot N. Biver w. to 
N. Franklin intersects. 
52 William Garbutt. 
54 Joseph A. Barnes. 
55 James Ftaher. 
56  George    hain. 
N. Jackson intersects. 
Trinity Episcopal Church. 
Carper J. Bugh. 
Rev. James A. M. Riehey. 
N. High intersects. 
153 Herman Mueliensehlader. 
15 Adam Lowry. 
N. Academy intersects. 
01 Mrs. Margaret H. Heller. 
Mrs. Mary H. Lawrence. 
2004 Charles H. Carpenter. 
210  Frank Wood. 
211 Mrs. Mary I Hyde. 
Chan. Tabbert. 
213 David Lawrence. 
215 John C. Fox. 
Madison intersects. 
252 Jonathan W. Nash. 
253  Lindaay E. Pruner. 
Anna MeDonough, dressmkr. 
255 Mrs. Laura Kendall. 
256 Isaac N. Dunwiddie. 
2.57 Nathan K. MeNett. 
210 Mrs. Elsa O'Brien. 
Washington intersects. 
304  Bernard L. Dunwiddie. 
306 Frank J. Richards. 
307 Wendell S. Phillips. 
308 Paul Olson, tobacco. 
Terrace intersects. 
354 Nelson A. Crandall. 
uIr 1100 iM I 

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