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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Street directory,   pp. 29-75

Page 29

ACADEMY (N.)     29        ACADEMY (S.) 
ACADrMY (N.) From s*o W. Ul. 
weakes a to junetio    Ravin  and 
3 Philip Ohiweiler, barber. 
5 Germania House. 
6  William Buga coaL 
11 Oliver F. Pierce, restaurant. 
13 Smith Hotel. 
14  Blcknell Hdw. Co. 
Wall interesects. 
52 Railroad Hotel. 
Adam Holt. 
54 Vacant. 
nw. cor. Wall C. & N. W. pass depot, 
se. cor. W. Bluff 8. Lewis & Son. 
W. Bluff intersects. 
nw. cor. W. Bluff J. L & M. F. Greene 
103 Badger Cal Company. 
106 Willm J. Cannon. 
106 Rudolph & Donahoe. 
100 EdwardH. Davies. 
Mrs. Ida Greene. 
Mrs. Mary E. Tenney. 
110  Marcellus C. Olin. 
Race ends. 
111 George G. Chittenden, physician 
112 Mrs. Belva Stevens. 
113 Mrs. Bridget Flood 
114 Alva W. Slocum, milk. 
116 C. Edward Marsh. 
Mrs. Mary Canary. 
117 Andrew J. Wood. 
Mrs. Louisa Wood. 
118  Mrs. Gertrude Kolle. 
119 Charles J. Me~lroy. 
120 Mrs. M   vrkA. Clithero. 
121 Fred Baumann 
Mrs. Mary Baumanun. 
123 Edwin H. Barker. 
125 Frank Williams. 
127 Frank Wood, grocer. 
ACADEMY (8.) From *ss W. 
waskee IL to 35o Weetr Sv. 
3  Fred W. Lutz. 
5 Mrs. Mary Rowan. 
Thomas Trenwith. 
7 Elmer F. Maine. 
9 Mrs. Elizabeth Scott. 
Mrs. Margaret Belding. 
Dodge ends. 
12 John W. Nash. 
13 Henry A. Laymonde. 
Pleasant intersects. 
31 Richard Skelly. 
62 Charles W. Blay, contr. 
57 Jacob Ohiweiler. 
58 Charles B. Withington. 
Center intersects. 
101 Patrick Kavanagh. 
102  Rev. William W. Warner. 
104 Mrs. Harriet Stafford. 
Mrs. Catherine Yates. 
105 Rev. Chr. J. Koerner. 
106 William (. Strang. 
A. Lee Wilcox. 
107 St. Paul's Ger. LAth. Clin 
106 John Koerner. 
110  Albert W. Hall. 
School intersects. 
Frank J. Brown. 
Horace Herkimer. 
Mrs. Louise Bowerman, caterer. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Kemmerer. 
Fred Shumway. 
Mrs. Fanny L Smith. 
Herman Sandon. 

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