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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 19

Janesville Commandery No. 2, K. T.-M. Ehrlinger, E. C.; A. E. 
Matheson, Gen.; V. P. Richardson, C. G.; C. E. Ranous, record- 
er; H. L. McNamara, treas. Meets 2d and 4th Thursday at Ma- 
sonic Hall. 
Eastern Star No. 69--Mrs. W. H. Merritt, W. M.; W. H. Merritt, 
W. P.; Mrs. Kirsch, A. M.; Ella Wills, sec.; Mrs. C. B. Evans, 
treas. Meets 2d and 4th Wednesday at Masonic Hall. 
I. 0. 0. F. 
Wisconsin Lodge No. 14-W. J. Rice, N. G.; H. W. Kramer, V. 
G.; A. C. Jenkins, rec. sec.; W. H. Grove, per. sec.; J. F. 
Hutchinson, treas. Meets every Wednesday at Odd Fellows' 
Hall, 18-2o N. Main. 
Janesville City Lodge No. 9o--George H. Davey, N. G.; Harry 
P. Robinson, V. G.; S. R. Knox, rec. sec.; Otto E. Smith, per. 
sec.; Wm. H. Burchell, treas. 
Rock River Encampment No. 3-Miles Rice, chief P.; Robert 
W. Scott, high priest; F. H. Koebelin, S. W.; A. C. Jenkins, 
scribe; A. H. Taylor, fin. scribe; J. F. Hutchinson, treas.; 
Harry P. Robinson, J. W. Meets ist and 3d Friday, East Side 
I. 0. 0. F. Hall. 
America Lodge No. 26, D. of R.--Grace Slightam, N. G.; Naomi 
Starr, V. G.; Hattie Loomis, rec. sec.; Eliza Warren, per. sec.; 
Jennie Bidwell, treas. Meets 2d and 4th Saturday, East Side 
1. 0. 0. F. Hall. 
Janesville Lodge No. 171, D. of R.-Katherine McDonald, N. G.; 
Thurza Ryckman, V. G.; Frane Dopp, rec. sec.; Josie Hankey, 
per. sec.; Clara Clarke, treas. Meets 2d and 4th Thursday at 
West Side I. 0. 0. F. Hall. 
Canton Janesville No. 9, Patriarchs Militant-J. P. Wright, corn.; 
James A. Fathers, lieut.; Fred H. Smith, ensign; H. P. Robin- 
son, clerk; W. H. Burchell, treas.; L. P. Paul, standard bearer. 
Meets 2d and 4th Friday at West Side I. 0. 0. F. Hall. 
Branch No. 6o-Rev. E. M. McGinnity, spir. dir.; Charles Viney, 
pres.; William T. Dooley, v.-pres.; Patrick Kavanagh, rec. sec.; 
P. S. Nelson, fin. sec.-treas. Meets ist Sunday each month. 
Janesville Lodge No. 234-A. L. McIntosh, E. R.; Charles Ellis, 
E. L. K.. Thomas Nolan, E. L. K.; George Sayles, E. L K.; 
B. H. Baldwin, sec.; F. H. Jackman, treas. Meets every Tues- 
day at Castle Hall. 
G. A. R. 
W. H. Sargent Post No. 26-A. F. Lee, Com.; Robert Scott, S. 
V. C.; Elias Heller, J. V. C.; C. J. Schottle, Q. M. Meets 2d 
and 4th Friday at G. A. R. Hall. 
W. H. Sargent Corps No. 21, W. R. C.-Ada Kimberly, pres.; 
Mrs. Victoria Potter, sec.: Miss Ella Willis, treas. Meets every 
alternate Tuesday at 18 N. Main. 

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