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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 17

MISCELLANEOUS DIRCORY.                    17 
Janesville Cement Post Co. The,-Inc. 19o2; capital $20,0ooo. H. 
W. Morgenthaler, pres.; H. H. Jackson, v.-pres.; H. H. Clough, 
sec.; 422 Hayes blk. 
Janesville Coal Co.-Inc. 1893; capital $io,oroo. P. E. Neuses, 
pres.; Patrick Kavanagh, sec.; S. River and Oak. 
Janesville Driving Park Assn.-Inc. i89o. 0. H. Fethers, pres.; 
0. F. Nowlan, treas. 
Janesville Electric Co.-Inc. 1899; capital $iooooo. M. G. Jeff- 
ris, pres.; Thomas Howe, v-pres.; P. H. Korst, sec.; Stanley 
B. Smith, treas., 21 W. Milwaukee. 
Janesville Machine Co. The-Inc. 188i; capital $a5o,ooo. A. P. 
Lovejoy, pres.; Hiram Merrill, v.-pres.; W. F. Bosworth, sec.; 
J. A. Craig, gen. mngr.; John G. Rexford, treas.; S. C. Cobb, 
supt. Center, s. e. cor. S. Franklin. 
Janesville Pearl Button Co.-Inc. 1899; capital $io,ooo. E. A. 
Roesling, pres.; E. A. Roesling, sec.; E. J. Roesling, treas. E. 
s. McKey blvd. nr. Eastern av. 
Janesville Steam Laundry Co.-Inc. z898; capital $6,ooo. Chas. 
Schaller, pres.-mngr.; Albert Schaller, sec.-treas., 27 S. Main. 
Janesville Water Co.-Inc. 1887; capital $aoo,ooo. W. G. Maxcy, 
pres.; E. M. Hyzer, sec.; C. S. Jackman, treas; W. W. Hyzer, 
supt., 3 N. Main. 
Janesville Wholesale Grocery Co.-Inc. 19oo; capital $25,ooo. 
A. Lawson, pres.; F. L. Colvin, v.-pres.; C. Chase, sec. N. 
High, n. e. cor. W. Bluff. 
Lewis Knitting Co.-Inc. 1889; capital $75,000. S. B. Lewis, 
pres.; R. E. Lidgerwood, v.-pres.; F. F. Lewis, sec.-treas.; 
112 S. Main. 
Lowell Hardware Co.-Inc. 1893; capital $5o,ooo. E. W. Lowell, 
pres.-treas.; F. W. Douglass, sec.; 3 S. River. 
New Doty Mfg. Co.-Inc. 1884; capital $75,ooo. V. R. Richard- 
son, pres.; H. P. Richardson, sec.-treas.; 151-161 N. Main. 
New Gas Light Co. The-Inc. 1863; capital $5oooo. Hiram 
Merrill, pres.; Mrs. Louise Merrill, sec.; Ira F. Wortendyke, 
supt.; 5 N. Main. 
Northwestern Novelty Co.-Inc. 191o; capital $5,ooo. Albert 
Schaller, pres.; George Woodruff, sec.-treas.; 162 N. Franklin. 
Oak Hill Cemetery Assn.-Inc. 1851. Volney Atwood, pres.; 
W. F. Carle, sec.; S. C. Burnham, treas.; 3 Court. 
Parker Pen Co.-Inc. t89i; capital $1,ooo. W. F. Palmer, pres.; 
G. S. Parker, sec.-treas.; 19 S. Main. 
Peoples' Drug Co. The-Inc. 1898; capital $8,ooo. G. E. King, 
pres.; S. B. Kinj, v.-pres.; J. F. Pember, sec.-treas.; Milwau- 
kee, n. w. cor. Main. 
Recorder Printing Co.-Inc. 1881; capital $io,ooo. Peter J. 
Mouat, pres.-mngr.; 15-17 S. River. 
Robinson N. B. Brewing Co.-Inc. 19oa; capital $4oooo. E. B. 
Perkins, pres.-treas.; C. P. Hart, v.-pres.; Frank P. Williams, 
sec.; ft. of S. Jackson. 

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