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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 16

16             MISCzLLANEOUS DIRM      RY. 
Bower City Bank-Inc. 1895; capital $50,000.     George G. 
Sutherland, pres.; John W. Sale, v-pres.; Albert E. Bingham, 
cash.; Hiram D. Murdock, asst. cash. E. Milwaukee, s. w. cor. 
S. Main. 
First National Bank-Organized 1855; capital $125,000; surplus 
$5o,ooo. S. B. Smith, pres.; L. B. Carle, v.-pres.; John G. 
Rexford, cash. 52 W. Milwaukee. 
Merchants & Mechanics' Savings Bank-Inc. 1875; capital $5o,- 
ooo; surplus, $5o,ooo. W. S. Jeffris, pres.; A. H. Sheldon, v.- 
pres.; William Bladon, cash. io W. Milwaukee. 
Rock County National Bank-Established 1855; capital $1ooooo. 
C. S. Jackman, pres.; A. P. Burnham, cash.; F. H. Jackman, 
asst. cash.. 15-17 E. Milwaukee. 
Badger Coal Co.-Inc. i9oo; capital $io,ooo. J. Dempster Brown- 
ell, sec. and mngr. 103 N. Academy. 
BIodgett Milling Co. The-Inc. 1891 ; capital $5oooo. Frank H. 
Blodgett, pres.; D. W. Holmes, sec.-treas.; flour mill on The 
Race, rear of P. 0. 
Central Land Co.-Inc. 19oo; M. G. Jeffris, pres.; M. R. Jeffris, 
v-pres.: M. 0. Mouat, sec.-treas. 1o W. Milwaukee. 
Choate-Hollister Furniture Co.-Inc. 1899; capital $5o,000. John 
Thoroughgood, pres.; R. M. Bostwick Jr., v.-pres.; A. E. Bing- 
ham, treas.; I. J. Estes, sec.-mngr.; table mnfrs. S. end McKey 
Citizens' Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Janesville, Wis.-Inc. 
1897. C. D. Stevens, pres.; W. G. Palmer, v.-pres.; H. J. Cun- 
ningham, sec.; A. E. Bingham, treas. 403 Jackman bldg. 
Colvin Baking Co.-Inc. 1891; capital $15,ooo. Paul R. Colvin, 
pres.; Ray Colvin, v.-pres.; A. J. Wilbur, sec.; R. L Colvin, 
treas. 71 W. Milwaukee. 
Fifield Bros. Lumber Co.-Inc. 1898: capital $17,000. Frank E. 
Fifield. pres.; James S. Fifield, sec.-treas. 51 N. High. 
Ford Milling Co.-Inc. 1894; capital $5,ooo. L. B. Carle, pres.; 
S. B. Smith, sec.-treas. head of the Race. 
Gazette Printing Co.-Inc. 1873; capital $a5,ooo. J. G. Hayner, 
pres.; H. H. Bliss, sec.; H. F. Bliss, treas. io N. Main. 
Hanson Furniture Co.-n. s. Hyatt, bet. Bluff and Hickory. 
Hohenadel Peter Jr. Co.-Inc. 19ot: capital $iooooo. Peter 
Hohenadel Jr. pres.-mngr.-treas.; P. A. Marsh, Wc. W.s. 
Harold av. nr. Robbin. 
Isabel Manufacturing Co.-Inc. 1899; capital $a5,ooo.  Fred 
S. Taggart, mngr., 152-156 N. Main. 
Janesville Batten Co.-Inc. 1899; capital $i,ooo. C. J. Mahoney, 
pres.,; T. P. Burns, sec.-treas. N. River, hr. 4th av. bridge. 
Janesville Carriage Works-Inc. 1893; capital $15,ooo. F.H. 
Bucholz, pres.; C. W. Jackman, sec.-treg.; 10, E. Milwaukee. 

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