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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 14

Rock, F. Rehfeld; Spring Valley, A. Swan; Turtle, C. H. 
Weirick; Union, L. H. Campbell; Clinton Village, R. W. 
Cheever; Orford Village, S. 0. Onsgard; Beloit City, ist ward, 
C. C. Keeler; 2d ward, F. F. Livermore; 3d ward, S. Smith; 
4th ward, B. D. Treadway; 5th ward, J. C. McEvoy; Edgerton, 
ist ward, E. C. Hopkins; 2d ward, L. E. Gettle; 3d ward, H. 
Ebbott; Evansville, ist ward, C. J. Pearsall; 2d ward, F. A. 
Baker; 3d ward, M. L. Paulson; Janesville, ist ward, C. E. 
Bowles; 2d ward, H. Paul; 3d ward, J. L. Bear; 4th ward, 
F. P. Grove; 5th ward, E. Ratheram. 
Tax Certificates and Illegal Taxes-J. W. Quimby, W. E. Shoe- 
maker, R. W. Cheever. 
District Attorney's Report-J. D. Godfrey, J. A. Paul, H. G. 
Charters and Incorporations-iB. D. Treadway, A. Swan, J. Ar- 
Finances--J. L. Bear, M. L. Paulson, 0. S. Onsgard. 
Change of Names of Persons, Towns and Villages-F. P. Smiley, 
F. Rehfeld, J. Champion. 
Vacating Towns and Villages-J. E. Gleason, H. Ebbott, J. B. 
Public Buildings-S. Smith, E. Ratheram, J. D. Godfrey. 
Apportioning Jurors-H. Paul. L. H. Campbell, J. Arthur. 
Accounts of Receiving and Disbursing Officers-L. E. Gettle, J. 
C. McEvov, E. C. Hopkins. 
General Claims and Examinations of Insane-A. C. Powers, C. 
E. Bowles, B. D. Treadwav. 
Equalization-Chairman, F. F. Livermore: 1st (list., L. E. Get- 
tle, J. A. Paul, C. J. Pearsall; 2d dist., C. E. Bowles. W. E. 
Shoemaker, W. Zuill: 3d (list., H. G. Nelson, S. S. Jones. 
Roads and Bridges-E. fI. Ransom. J. E. Gleason, W. B. An- 
Claims of Sheriffs, Constables, Justices, Change of Venue and 
Post M\ortem Examinations-S. S. Jones, W. B. Andrew, F. 
A. Baker. 
Reports of Trustees and Superintendent of Insane Asylum, Sup- 
erintendents of the Poor and Special Relief of Poor-J. C. Mc- 
Evoy. C. H. Weirick; W. Zuill. 
Purchasing Agents, Consisting of Two members of the Board 
and County Clerk-C. H. Weirick, H. Ebbott. 
Consisting of Two Members to Act with the Chairman of the 
County Board for the Purpose of Approving the Bonds of All 
Newly Elected or Appointed County Officers-C. C. Keeler, 
F. P. Grove. 
License Committee-W. B. Andrew, R. W. Cheever, F. A. Baker. 
Superintendent-Kimble Killam. 
Phylican--J. Frank Pimber. 
Matron-Mrs. K. Killam. 

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