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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 13

MMSOZLLANNOUS DUII!RY.                  18 
Directions for sending in fire alarms-In case of fire go to 
the nearest street box, break the glass cover of the key box, 
take the key from the hook and place it in the door of the street 
box, which has a spring lock and is easily worked. The lock be- 
ing released, open the door. Place the index finger over the 
little brass hook or lug projecting from the slot near the top of 
the inner door, pull the hook down quickly, but steadily, to the 
bottom of the slot and let go imediately. The hook will fly 
back to its original place and the fire department will do the rest. 
Persons turning in an alarm should remain at the box until the 
arrival of the department for the purpose of giving information 
as to the location of the fire. 
Signals given on the fire bell-Two taps on the fire bell, 
after the alarm from the box has been sounded, calls for one 
hundred pounds direct pressure. This signal repeated, calls for 
125 pounds pressure. Three slow taps after the alarm means 
"fire out." Twelve taps in regular order, repeated twice, is a
signal for the militia to assemble at their armory. Six taps, 
repeated twice, or -666" is the signal for the call members of 
the fire department to report at their respective stations. One 
tap on the bell denotes broken wire. 
The steamer responds to alarms from box 444. 
Janesville Public Library-Established t884.  17,000 volumes. 
Mrs. Louise S. Best, librarian. Miss Gertrude J. Skavlem, as- 
sistant librarian. 
Municipal Judge-C. L. Fifield. 
County Judge-J. W. Sale. 
County Clerk-F. P. Starr. 
Sheriff-George M. Appleby. 
Register of Deeds-Charles W. Weirick. 
County Treasurer-Miles Rice. 
Clerk Circuit Court-Theo W. Goldin. 
Dep. Clk. Circuit Court-Miss Genevieve Rich. 
Clerk Municipal Court-A. C. Thorpe. 
Register in Probate-George H. Sale. 
District Attorney-W. A. Jackson. 
County Surveyor-Charles V. Kerch. 
Supt. Schools, 1st dist.--Charles Hemmingway. 
Supt. Schools, 2d dist.-O. D. Antisdel. 
Deputy County Clerk-L M. Nelson. 
Avon, J. B. Henry; Beloit, A. C. Powers; Bradford, E. H. Ran- 
som; Center, J. W. Quimby; Clinton, S. S. Jones; Fulton, J. 
Arthur; Harmony, J. Champion; Janesville, W. E. Shoemaker; 
Johnstown, W. Zuill; La Prairie, J. E. Gleam; JIma, J. D. 
Godfrey; Magnolia, W. B. Andrew; Milton, J. A. Paul; New- 
ark, H. G. Nelson; Plymouth, F. P. Smiley;-Porter, A. White; 

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