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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 10

Printing-Murray, Hemming, Gilkey. 
Public Buildings-Lowell, Gilkey, McLean, Kothman, Mills. 
President-W. S. Jeffris. 
Superintendent-H. C. Buell. 
Clerk-S. C. Burnham. 
Members-Jas. Shearer, E. B. Heimstreet, C. K. Miltimore, 
Paul Rudolph, H. J. Cunningham. 
Regular meetings, third Monday in each month. 
High School-H. C. Buell, superintendent and principal; John 
Arbuthnot, George Brace, Earl J. Losie, W. R. Norris, F. 
M. Van Horn, Rudy M. Acker, Genevieve Decker, (Mrs.) 
Georgie Hyde, director of music and drawing; Lina John, 
Emma P. Paulson, Caroline Zeininger, Gertrude Zeininger, 
(Mrs.) Frances L. Whittaker, Aline Thayer; Dell C. Milti- 
more, clerk. 
Adams School--8th grade, E. May Clark, principal; 7th grade, 
Eliza Stoddard: 6th grade, Inez Arnold; 5th grade, Mabel 
Glenn; 4th grade. Pearl Daniels: 3d grade, Phoebe Cun- 
ingham; 2d grade, Margaret Joyce; ist grade, Mae Hen- 
derson. Kindergarten-Nelva De Noyer; assistants: Carol 
Bonesteel, Bethana Miller. 
Douglas School-4th grade, Minnie F. Joyce, principal; 3d grade, 
Katherine Enright: 2d grade, Ida Smith; ist grade, Addie 
Grant School-6th grade. Ethel Fisher; 5th and 4th grades, Le- 
nore Casford, principal; 3d and 2d grades, Elizabeth Lillis; 
Ist grade, Harriet Rogers. 
Jackson School-8th grade, Lizzie A. Peterson, principal; 7th 
grade, Margaret Peterson: 6th grade. Cora Spear: 5th grade, 
Cora Clemons: 4th grade. Janet Cody: 3d grade, Sarah Hick- 
ey; 2d grade: Margaret Woodruff: 1st grade, Luella Hill. 
Kindergarten-Ethel Wiggins: assistants: Mary Buckmaster, 
Alice Estes. 
Lincoln School-8th grade, Bertha Sayles: 7th grade, Genevieve 
Hayes and Sarah Venable: 6th grade, Jesse Ressequie; 
Helen N1. Welch, principal: 5th grade. Lucy Aiken; 4th 
grade. Imogene MacDonald: 3d grade, (Mrs.) Mary Barron; 
2d and st grades, Lizzie Harris. 
Washington School-8th grade. Ada L. Brandt, principal; 7th 
grade. Louise Shearer; 5th grade, Catherine Crowley; 4th 
grade, Augusta Muellenschlader; 3d grade, Alice Whiffen; 
2d grade, Mellie Bowles: Ist grade, Harriet Bostwick. Kin- 
dergarten--Gertrude Granger; assistants:  Laura   Dudley, 
Edith L Loomis. 
Webster School-5th grade, Kate S. Nelson, principal; ad grade, 
Elizabeth Murray; ist grade, Jessie Louden. Kindergarten- 
Myra Wilcox; assistants: Alice Evens, Gertrude 

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