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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

Miscellaneous directory,   pp. 9-28

Page 9

Mayor-Victor P. Richardson. 
City Clerk-A. E. Badger. 
City Treasurer-Jas. A. Fathers. 
City Attorney-F. C. Burpee. 
Assistant City Attorney-E. H. Ryan. 
City Engineer-C. V. Kerch. 
Street Commisioner-N. Fredericks. 
Assistant Street Commissioner--Wm. Ross. 
City Marshal-John W. Hogan. 
Chief of Fire Department-John C. Spencer. 
City Electrician-Henry C. Klein. 
Health Officer-Dr. R. W. Edden. 
City Sealer-Geo. H. Dave. 
Assessors-E. H. Davies, C. B. Conrad. 
President-H. S. Gilkey. 
First Ward-Walter S. Rice, E. W. Lowell. 
Second Ward-J. F. Hutchinson, James Mills. 
Third Ward-H. S. Gilkey, W. H. Judd. 
Fourth Ward-F. H. Kothman, E. F. Hemming. 
Fifth Ward-J. B. McLean, W. A. Murray. 
Finance-Gilkey, Murray, Lowell. 
Judiciary-Kothman, Rice, Mills. 
Fire and Water-Hutchinson, Kothman, McLean, Gilkey, Lowell. 
Highways-Rice, McLean, Hutchinson, Gilkey, Kothman. 
Lighting-Judd, Lowell, Murray, Mills, Hemming. 
Sewerage-Mills, Judd, McLean, Hemming, Rice. 
Schools--Hemming, Lowell, Murray, Hutch       Judd. 
Police-McLean, Hutchinson, Kothman. 
Licens-Murray, Lowell, Rice. 
Parks-Lowell, Judd, Kothman, Murray, Mills. 

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