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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

H,   pp. 144-149

Page 148

SHoegm UhMl* =910, Ik BI 2a1 Ite 
Bogae LRob'srS                fish  b  iW 
A Hogan mi     bmb     o   eeMbsN1 b 
~ Jelorerh Maim below Rashe 
A Holden W!, W., of H. Kemp & Co., Ag% wai mi 
- Ce.., Mavihante Deepta ad Ueq' Jane;m 
Ho&=and Pra@in sablat aer h Aeade. 
Halh7 lo0eh Plesant bt Miwaee =m1 ae 
SHolater 3.. , "at Otag Houm 
Boa HemI a   l bbr, oiw Pau&%i and Wall 
SJOLTM     M3LS *dlW of Gease wad free Prow. mad 
Re lasrh acnm sor Holm 
Hom I&s Co., N. Y., 1. H. Vermilys, Ag% 
Book W. X, ehuk Hyatt Romn 
HomA.L=weU      btahhMwakeeandN I 
BRm Ia Jeweer, No. 3 w Milwaukee, 
Harnhk Hmint, e@Alde uakem, his NS 3 i Maim nd AS 
Hewuik Henry, edabit mker bb Bluf owN 4 
Hortont MIle= day.,.,4 b S 1 sor, Wimsomm 
.BMam  Afli rimer h w NOW r out 
Bougt. Alows% imer heam Wat and Si1 
~Howe Lesard, mam, k R"mk lit ISled end Eslees 
Newts. Dsebldia, h Lbua hi Nsmeed Ninh 
Howard RSaMOV Mhmib No. I1 Ilwauke 
HowodardWi. FarONt h *o~tk AtAmy. 
Z~ BeJon,h1k Riven w ILL, 
Rowe a hm 0L, b Maob ear 8 
Row Im b   m ake, h Pourth Wad 
cod !rim, imerer, in h 
w  " LA4 h Wals b 88ad Bash. 
'   I Whu  JaT* A IL~AhhS sW 8mada 6.. .4 
Uuq iks serpents, hia DOmm hi Helm. end Nint 
Holt Dm A., mepener bdis Fume' Hote 
Halt J=141.1= 6I eal a, liteBo 
R Hubl A-ml W. dark kiver Ge Bohm 
flus Fraud. frh    hid Iee RAWnd 29*0 
linde.mb, milr = h Mai, below Bash 
131uds10 fw-poble jwdm, b Wahos betwesenlam ed Be. 

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