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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

C,   pp. 129-134

D,   pp. 134-138

Page 134

184            :Mu$AXU=   MtaBasr. 
Coyn Theme%, labuw, hihrk wy thif 
Coyn Wm. printer Standard olle, bis River an  loamnt 
Omhk GOw W., pltu, h w Milwaukese wr depot 
Crandall Maon teamma, hi. our Line and Msc!e 
Cream Uers..Wn o ee im 1We &rScol 
V4 Croak JolaWlbo, h Wash'ngo    aoe Tores 
Croak Nichols, laborer, h =W Lon 
t Croak William, laborer, h Pearl above lemson 
Crocker Jerome, clock, hi. American Hom 
I- Croft James, mson, Us Lavat or North 
SCrort Jone*boa   er, h Wu      or Acheoo 
X Crof WWiim, maso, h Rime hi Rase and Barbie 
Croby1 F. W. mdiqik Rook County Bank hi. ocr Frnkli and 
CronaeshL,homZ, h N 3 w Main 
-ICrosbyi B. mirchent, h         !than  St. MNuy's AT BWn 
Cob h, rmer, h Centre av or I. IL 
CrehF.D, Q;o, hi. Centre aw or R. IL 
arottise, butcher, hi. Main 
arm  --akL      nSn. W .   .,bda Rier  IL L 
1'Culver0. P., bd Min t  1 ad 8 
.j:)CulverSB.HE, bisMain b i and s 2 
CumuluS G. W., Of 0. & 11thl.., Jacka' hi Milwaukee and 
Cumalses&    d~eatat lawIoia's D"k.N~In 
C~?JA.Msl.." ve ake b Leous or Cemire 
.Crts0. L.City dru store No.4 w Mwaukee his Hyatt 
Curds Joho, engnee, N a * IL R. h ear Hi* and us 
'Curtis Kilo H-, dra!Y=4U, h HIgh below SeIlaol 
Cushman Beth C. aw student, Wes 00= Horn@ 
Cuylsr x J, hoo keeper, hi. Hyatt Houe 
Dalia a=Y, labre, h Rime wr Helm 
Dahli Mial lebOrae  hi Miwaukee arSp 
D"  Pt"   6Wh an. W 
P Dan Obed, otleIn & D., howr Nort euiffWea.st4Lm r P16 
Davenor J. A., carpdw, hie Ih  below OMIN 

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