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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

P,   pp. 93-96

Page 95

Perry 0. H., oprpentr, h Fit or Divi. 
Perels Aiott, carpenter, h pabli av IA Pleasant md Pros- 
Pet=A    W., e  p    , A &  Senh SO ftt Vew  l Me 
Peters & Jamns, ptm glery, State, Dbwa% Blook 
Pete       W sas, We Per bt Bid and    Whk 
Ptsos John, boshre, We 711th av 
~IRUROON & $MIVIN, Proprietors Bushnell Hors% cor 
tJ    . D.,% and School 
Piersom  T. F., of P. & Janer 
Pierso Win., bell ha7 at Bushnll Houm 
Plersrd Whn  ., mpenter, h  0Fo   bt   uff and Eighth 
Piper ba.      as,. Farmer'  otel 
Piper  W  .h,      dn Bluf bo  Bridge and Wheat 
Plant H   , Ve Chr v, r Second 
Plant J. D, h   c ,or Semd 
Ploteall M   e, shoemaker, WL   E. Pase   Amor- 
can Horn 
Pollard John B.,  mon, h    Fourth cur D 
Poltridge Oe ,  carpenter, h    an Oak 
Pcmr, Wl . W     . "l  at Moore & Son' bda Bridge near 
Pomeroy X D., printer, Journal ote, bdU  Mns  House 
Poeny R      V., printer, Herald tle, bd Mansimn Hes 
Poole BMnminMm, h aR w  r 8 
PooleM X  . M , h acm Public a and Prospect 
Poo eh  eride, coenk at A. Beldwin%,h orft and d 
Poor 0. S, laborer, his Third oar Diioln 
Pord, Wa. A. Re., A.M. Prohb r of L  e, In Dooi 0el 
=DT State 
Powull N., arhant afr, a. State and School, hda Buhnelm 
PowerM    h llnL, dor In re'dad"h  twD 
Powers Oecrgs, dealer in rea state, h Ihht be D and B 
Pratt F. F., pai*4r h Fourth be D and Divial. 
Pratt Mms, ammstreai ht Mai nr School 
Pratt Win., of (OhN  & P., h state wResine depot 
Prichard Robert, Anyn, h Main w 
Prince David carpenter, hWe last Broad 
Puud Ehe Mrs. h Bluff wtUlg 
Purdy M. B., couledo  -"soant his School or Main 
Purd N. K., general agent for Lone, Ode & Co., h School oor 
Purkina L W., agent P. T. rxner, h public ow mear Pica- 
Ponde Vicba, Uasi, bWe siRa 

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