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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

P,   pp. 93-96

Page 94

Puka N. C. of Jackn & Co. bda 0. H. lkson's 
Pamelee Gfram G. bbbead his        ar Oak 
Partt W., ao     6om.;! , d_ W e Ndmb or nrat 
PWGmn A. X, hk B     CN      E 0ba d 
pom    .V., m Am', bds . 4fl Eomu 
Pow S., "e melX offio, lb Badmell Rom 
aftrldgeW.Hf.,C= aat Okty Drg      bd a H. R~ Kaims' 
Palen Gem A., a       N MS, tods a              Rom 
Patten John, Eardener, bda Amerhmn Hos 
Pstten Samu,         Stats nr Broad, h Sehool nr Pleasant 
Phalnn W0., lahorer,  act  ad Seonad w olde   - 
Philis B., o apstro, Oak ur Divisio 
Plbili i, 1. G., phydolon, h Broad bt Prospect and Plsnt 
P   tilx Ins. Co., otHarird, CoanL, m .. at Wriht & New- 
Pas I John, blacksuith, bds Farm bt Bluff and Eihth 
Pw I J. C., blockadith Second or Third, We Whsa 
Pie A. J., milkman, h a Ram 
Pme John A., carpenter. Wda a Race 
Powe S., carpenter, h a Race 
PeaJ. B., merchant, h Broad or Pleaaant 
Pek S. W   Ald. 4th ward and lumber daler, h Bridge nar 
B. & I. IL R. 
Peet . W., student, bda Broad . Pleasant 
Peet . B., Olerk at  her &       WinchestrX We -Broad nes 
Pelkey T., cader at Budanell Hous 
Pelton C. C., dentist, Ibd or Meehanic and Third 
Peton E., bds Mechanic our Third 
Pelto. Ells, h Mechanio ec Third 
Pember A., saloon k epr_ _Br_ or State, h or IL . depot 
Pentecost Philp, sin at = &dat  Winobhest', b&a Broad ar 
Perkins Jonathan, agent Durfee' Epree, k Rase, or M 
Perkins N. 0., slak at A. P. Watermam% bdo     orner 
pEe N8 LUTHER S.,           a       and coumuldon mer. 
chant, .. track, ar. & O.U.  o  h BlufrBridge 
Psrigo J., cabinet maker, h Fourh r 
P   '- Lyman, cabinet mar, hoer Pl easant  d Em 
PerioP. 3., .SIpente,Noilln  & Oo'sh FourthrLocust 
Perry V., er, h Farm   'Br 
Perry F. C., cooper, h Farm 
Perry Geor, arpntgr, Nds F  oourth ur Bride 
Perr (hose S., oarpenter, Nortbro 'sbdat1. 0. Smith's 
1j e  w     laborer, Deloit Par rAn        IA I~ Pad 

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