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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

O,   pp. 91-93

P,   pp. 93-96

Page 93

Ohs mW, uiud, h  l4~eosad Shost 
olnyer        IS ewrqw  WtmDra 
Olver Stwemta       a  b~ 
A WL-- L-I -   o  G h  Wheat n 
Otis W qt!ovO. A  h Thbrd 
OtP 0. 8 of  Iaw I&us m        whP a td 
Othl atm de, rnal officN e, v Loont bt D ast 
Oom bory lahe, bda Farm bt Bluff ad 
0dm,.   ieae~Whatbtldn 
Paskad Mv,caebdonrR    IL IL . 
Pak"    .d haui r  R B& M. IL 
Painter B. N., dealer in redal% &e h.Church or Tbrd 
Pabmer Dwbk, capente, h Pow&i ear D 
Eemlucomn, h~ia D  Blto 
Plmer Jobmc._ h bigeataciubisa 
P&Wbmd Tine, her fl&VadPra~ 
Pootla 0.5. a~cmh hilda 
Pek(hahaemakr, bib U atFh 
Parke  ~ ,ume, bb M~ai or Plemunt 
Parke A., earpeat, h Farm it Biluf end0--Lt 
Parker A., =arener, Ir & NBhi  arf t  b ilgerw 
Puke, a3, immodaist, h Fonbit D and U 
Pee OhWL X. taWar Stoem and g5m.! h Dr~ue 
Parke 0. H., WP. A t, h TkM w nDMhhb 
Papker D. IL, arpomier,hb Funm IR Bh and Egbtk 
Parker D. F., Uaptrhs Broad or Plaeaat 
Parker John ater, hi Kam i Di and mth 
PM&ke N. D., mtunepm at law,'o  ~ W ood NorI a Shut 
posher A Stn.mnbmrr trape - btes, Seond near 
PakrWas. 3R, book ad Sim dealer, Ddr at bank river, 
PN*keW .,vlmk tm &mt  Ad h leA. aboePeet 
Parkhuret la. K, y Suts, hatr ciy I'm , ery 
Parka 3. 0. W., clek at Leawmy% bda Stats atr* a 

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