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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

M,   pp. 86-91

Page 90

- M0n4oa T.. 
Monashm lams, boaga  man, G. 0. U. B. R., bd a Bae 
Moore 0. C., s"at ' Love, Ode A 0o., No SIeao orner 
Moor .8., ofM. & So., bdo School nr Pleant 
Moore Hcnod. h     Pp IN it Pleasn esd r 
Moore H. B.,  m oore &        ok a p=,    mb 
Moore H. B. Jr., ork a . Moeschool 
M OORE H.R.A &SOX, vrdae Stabe bt Broad ad 
Moore Jime, phh     h ar Base md Broad 
Moore John, a= iht, h Brdpw Buff 
Moore Mrs., h Easev  Prospet and Plhmnt 
Moore S. M., nmahni hIh  " DvMeom 
Moore T. H., agent, bda aRace 
Moore Wlliam, book keeapbd. cor Race and Broad 
Moore W. H., bkhmW l-   Plasnt nr Colep Ground 
Moore W. P., dudvv  bb pogs a bt Plss  sd Prsec 
Moran Thomas, laborer, Debit Paper Mi, h or Gans depo 
Morrell J. S moa, hT7Whtor D 
Morn 0. W. harnes mker, Stashing  ; Cc* h Wheat bt 
Bluf and Rhuhth 
Macs y s. D., h  t torD 
Mohw A. R., blashamith, h WHam nr B 
Mode J. D., of Shaftr & M., h Fourth bt Bridge and Lo. 
Moser Wallace blacsmith, W  William nr X 
Morm John, Zsl h lirt ar Merrill 
Mules Arthur, laborer, bd J. H. Hanochtt'e 
Mull"i Iam, laborer, bd J. H. Hano-nt'e 
MullIgam a, oaler, Druiner & (o'6, bda Broad wAnaMml. 
ian Bone 
MUlm Jam      potr at M Na  House 
MubM 71        aby o e, ba Pleant oor pubis aw 
Munger 0. W., ariae mautre, Roe bt State and 
Pasant, h Rase or Plauwnt 
Mom Ans,     b s   Belch HoOe 
M  yJ      a J.W. Mayards bda car Scool and 
Murpy_ _0*-oms, cartons, h Fqr bt Merrill and lIbe 
Murray K D.,        bdo Oak or Divmn 
MornL    h. D.      n    goods &L., State, Durham' 
Murray Geo. Mrs., widow, h Hy 
Murmr   HA cornier Otwend Ban, Murmy's Bloch, 4h78, 
op"u Of omft.e"op 

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