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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

F,   pp. 74-76

Page 75

Fairchild Lewis, molder, h Fifah nr Dhdm 
Fallan Martin, laborer, hnr Ml 
FarleYD= atrkk, labozer, (  D. Muan_ 
Farr Dext, er, nat d hv- hoa, h W "ot7ma 
Foan Dexter, eah and bbd tor. k n  e w 
andimol wrkAct Broad 
rHIo &LL          FWE.   H   hmrding and oemrbdu 
merchants, dealer. in lumber, coal, &; Rae a Sftat a 
Racine depot 
Farr Jamu  jr., (or F., Hill & Flemgh) h o  Third and Mil- 
waukee road 
Fan Samuel, pein deaer, bds F. Freeman's 
Farrer D., h Bridge nr Bluff 
Faughte John, labrer, h w ofMl 
Faulkner J. J., clerk at F. S. Fitch', bds Bridge adul 
Fenton F. S., c*k at Bundy & Fields, tate.  depot 
Field Alfed, (of BUmdY & F.,) h BrIdg  1: 1S 
Fldm & c., Nurwandwaer in real estate, h Broad ar Peoo 
Field & W., brakemen R. & R B. IL, bda Mansion House 
Fine'llart ., wagoner. h Z ha Fifth and Oak 
Finnegan John, laborer, h Third t Division and D 
First  W    C6urcL, IPam. *6. Buh   - o, uromi car 
.lsh IL 0 .,       Pue  RolR R..,h Im or State 
.Fisih  .aniser,llh FourB.,h ,rBM 
F                            i& Wi- 
Iide  Pleuaant oar public ST 
Fisher & incaheter, hardware dear, a  State ad Breed 
Fisk Franklin W., A. M., Prof  Temtoa, Beloit Co1p  h 
Main = Second 
Fisk John P., Principal Preparatory Department of Bdb 
College, h Main nr Fourth 
Fitch & lDutcher, merchants, Hdg nr Fourth" 
n'HF. S., merchant, State (Murray%. block) h1 BIMu 
tW1   t 
Fitc F. (of 1. & Dutcher) h BrMffi t Bluff 
Fitch Hen    ., me   bda State w 
Fit h@4Ilaoer, he end ct 
Fitsnral' P., laborer,  h  r Gasn d 
Fitxamonis Thoma., laborer. li at bank Amve 
Fleck H. 0., clerk at Coqw*R & Co% h BEig nr 'cei," 
Fleccer Ioh, laboer, I Fourth bt Menu1 a& d DINhium 

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