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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

C,   pp. 67-71

Page 70

-s ama.. 
Copwe & Co., umem, DgeS9 am a Cogmf bb*s 
Cepwefll mes, *Ink st CegeweD & OW11I boit MNW= 
Osgiwef IL P. Jr., alik -at Cogmwefl & Co% heads Moles 
Colby bm e., mI h a Bame 
C olb N. A. been. usvq h a Bas 
lla, oedel, MM"esas. e 
CeAbnm4 wegrae.h.Tu     ~rse    es 
ba Plama 
CoL F.s. batw b lbedw PlmtBr 
0.1Dm ~ ~ ~    ~  ~   i C.  o  o. hl d  D l 
Cofs Chaon"', fQom) h bd h RuehaD 
0OLLN &c SON, Luggiris, Stmeamsue Maray' 
Cavmmal church, IL N. Bh~made, 
Bfdand Prope, servies 10 1- a..s.17 1-3 p. a. 
Oug. :HA sefetaua, Bread opp post o&s, C. A. Hal- 
Cas Jh=,iber bda wt beA Aver 
Conly Jamses, laves., h Bdr 
Cwma. James, Maw -h Fea i b d U n& Uh 
Cwauea 1. L, grds 1";.or h Rams above Popo 
Cash L, comue., hMe B Hatahos 
Cd   1.3L, clink at Ke"s White & Css h Bridgs nma 
oos B]MR H, Painter, Youth hi, BzWd-o and Logiest hi. L 
B. s 
Coos A. Baunspdatemrh Thht bt D& E 
CernP. IL, powier, jimen eemi and Third, I Youth at 
cooaa  I   blehh, hs Bw ase and Plesat 
Cooper L.8a, h a Bs 
Coughima MI. Widow, h mt Gab.. depot 
000         kbme 6 h  Tbhijld bt DfieMd &Md D 
Omnotwkja= ,a~swgDkhhsawU1o SBI Moms 
No. 2 
CObw~a        labour, h at Gales eko 
Cox F. P, eapeeeI hoBmm Aaeels ow 
Coyb Deas flhe h-at LAl..-. e 
Co"Is homa, Ieum, hs..1 
Crailos.00 &ean%,Er 
Jofe. a~ 

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