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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

B,   pp. 60-67

Page 65

-ai umnw. 
1MRIOOK D3CLOMA~., I d uiller and of B. & 
fl~   I &'*    UM &cz~  M u..1d tai-vembly mod 
ystate or Raim 
Bross, bds badi 
Brown Dqa.TI       oetSho 
Drown ThwaRev., okmm      b BarDmgso Din 
Drown D. Q.  -   Ran      . eaaho  *mre t, RL. Xtrack 
nWOGU.&1Io.         dehujmkui Gmod 
Brown R A.$ drk         ary him Mmudom Housee 
Brown eisus      r4 hi. X. ;. (argemerle 
BEGIN IL N., dIemkm (MA      If Oft) b POWth U E 
Brown Win., oW4n bWe Nachb   i rA 
Drown W. ., ok& at Carey and Gordom*m hi. ?.eshmol hi 
Sahool and Plift 
Bruckua & Bach, demino In Dry Goods, State near Eaine 
Brmuakuen L, (of Bruckunan & Bosh) Wem State r depot 
Bruel --, clothier bb. Mausio Now*e 
Dm13l ., (o(B. IiiL Brad) Wea Mena. Mo.m 
Brad IL & L el"Ierri State ht Broad and Re 
D1L, (of ik & L Dmnel) Us Ease or Pheat 
Buh Onoa, ebm, heim   Plement and pubils av 
Bvmkmir Timothy, Imbomer, h Fourth ur Dirhion 
BIosh Iarmnte, his L. W. 3u~hsh'% 
Bugok = W.,carpnter h anmufls rad v sd 
Bd7D. J., (of B & F.)h o Nha mid Fourt 
Bandy & FleI& irauhis State or Dread 
Bandy haM, carpenter, h k b  D and Dkislom 
Dany J M. aiorq a la, ds  ob orFourth 
B-.-,         4M*~ & B.15 ease ow Shut 
Buzk~~ Wot an" 110M    ~r Bmu    .r hank rive, h 
DIt and Nkth 
1aanmI~smb Rio D Prospect 
Barpauter homme Jenmill road east 
Dirma Abeha., earpautar, h or Galem depot 
BMWn John, Moveer, h a Ease 

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