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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

B,   pp. 60-67

Page 63

B Itm  m.  . 
BEwIT PAlER MILL COMPANY, mehc                       Of 
nbook ad wrappihg pap, m     oed    2"r 
Beyneat John, Farmer Hotel, State opp Reecin depot 
Bemis Dexter, gro0m, State ur Broad 
Bemis Faster, h Bluf Ut Wheat 
Bemis Lesnder, bl&sith, h Fourth nar D 
Bender :a*b, liw'er, h Third north end 
Benedict 1., oetpqnta. bda F. Freeman% 
Benedict L, lumiber dealer, hE or Second-west de 
Be==min John, laborer, hThird bt Di on end D 
Benjamin L., aheuker.(Merram & Eato) b Pleasant 
Bennett Almon, lumber dealer, h Bridge u" Bluff 
Bennett Heuy, carpenter, h Main 
Bennett H. S., carpenter, h ur Janesville road east side 
BmNxm         N. "H., dealer In musk, Broad, P. O. tididhIg, 
bds Mechanic nr First 
Benson A., carpenter, (Egghston & Co.) bdi School near 
Benton W. c.,         h am School and Propect 
Berger John, butcher, h Loct west end 
Bertram James, baker State nr Broad 
Best A., brakeman, RI. & M. t. P.) bds Manion Howe 
Betts Charles, bds irst ur D 
Betts bse, blaksmtb, h First ur D, 
Betta J. B., (ot. & L kw) hor Third and Meahanic 
Betts & Lewis, dealers in coal, Uwe, &e., Race ur Pleesant 
Blkne Charles, h South Rue 
Bicknell 0. W. Dr., physician, h Fourth cor Locust 
Etc=He  & Itdubpymianm find surecs Stat. ear Race 
Bidwell George , imachnist (Parker & Stone) h Fifth near 
Billing Henry, (of Loe, Otis & Co.) h Schol o wner Plea- 
Binghan Edwin A., arpent hOak bt 9 and D 
B'. Gw eeprpw. h Obt 9 & D 
Biso John, poer, b Bsad w -ste 
Bshop Tbomas, bon Fourth bt D and Diisio 
Bittl Adm, (of Oooduich & Itle) h  ies a t near bak of 
Blackimen John, h r ank of rer 
Bair QYlord       , har Union Beabd Hoe N o. 2 
Weds J. IL  anbbeft. 
Blake Aloes C., painter, d Fowh hI Brdgse ad Loet 
Blasser John, laborer, bds Fourth bt Meruil and DH"o 
Blamer lJose   lahor,, h Fourth lt Mml1 and Didom 
Blmba Miowhs weuftp     s, h Tbkd b D mmd 3NeWsm 

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