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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

City of Beloit,   pp. 23-26

Page 25

The city at present is divided into two Pchonl districts, which 
will doubtless be soon divided and the system of graded schools 
adopted. There is no reason why our Common Schools should 
not'be as good as it is possible to" make such institutions any- 
where. The school building on the west side is an elegant 
structure, large, airy, and well adapted to its ues. The peo- 
ple on the east sile are about moving in the way of impriving 
the whole school system, which will afford, when done, the 
best of facilities for Common School Education. 
The oiginal settlers of Beloit are mostly from New England, 
and probably a lae  mjority of the present population, are of 
this and New York origin. We have traveled extensively 
through the country, and, as in duty bound, must say, that for 
general iatellizence, high moral culture, and refinement, the 
people of Beloit cannotbe equaled in an' city of its size within 
our knowledge. If a mai becomes a cidten here and behaves 
himself, he is respected, whether rich or poor, and if he is mean 
or corrupt, he has a hearty contempt while staying and a good 
riddance when leaving. 
No census has recently been taken here, but we believe the 
present population to be about seven thousand. We have, in 
the city propr, about nine hundred dwelling houses. and over 
eleven hundred families. The dwelling hous are of all sorvs 
and sizes, though there are here a much larger proportion of 
substantial and even elegant dwellings than is common in wes- 
tern cities. Houses of a superior style and finish m being 
built more and more every year, which will continue to be the 
case, as men of means are won hither by the attractions of our 
scenery, location and good society. 
The Galena & Chicaso Union Rail Road connects this City 
with Chicago, via Belvidere on the East, and the M'iaeIpp& 
River on the West. The Beloit & Madison Railroad, intersect- 
ing the above at this point, is completed to Footville, within 
about twenty miles of Madison. When finished, this Road 
will open a new route to the Capitol, and thence to the whole 
North West, and become of vast importance to the Galena 
Road. The principal Rail Road is the Racine & Mississippi, 
conneeting this Ciy with Lake Michigan on the East, through 
sixty miles of magnifent country, an the Father of Waters on 
the West, through a like beautiful and fertile country. Th'; 
Rad is built from Racne to Durand, eighteen miles wes of 
thispint, and is doing a veirnlarge and profitable business. 
It w   i   shed to Frtport   September, there intersecting 
the Illinois Central Railroa, which will be its feeder for freight 
and travel ast and west as so  s ea mpleted. This    11 
Road is now being pushed, with great energy, to its tei,, 
Savannah on the Mbdiipp a distance of about sixty miles from 

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