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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

City of Janesville,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

I =  Ct I UYTLL2. 
city of ianesville. 
The City of lanesnile is located on ptsof the Townships of 
Harmony, Rook, Janesville and La =rari. It is pleastantly 
situated on both sides of Rook river. It was selected hr Ike 
County Nat in 1837. It oonptes a nearly central position In 
the County, 14 miles north of the State lne. It is about midway 
betwem Lake Whigan and the Mississippi river, 40 mli 
south-east of Madison, 90 miles from Cicago, 70 miles from 
Milwaukee, and about 65 miles from Racine. 
The place where Janesv&  now Mnds was first settled in 
1836 i m 1839 a village was laid out. 
The population was, In 1843, 333; in 1845, 8671 in 1847, 
1,458; In 1849. 1,812; in 1850, 3,100; in 188, 4,800; in 
which year it was organized nto a City Government; in 1865, 
7,0181 and in 1857, estimated at 10,000. 
Janesville was named after Henry F. Janes, who etWed he 
In 1836; it surrounded by a heavily sttled and fetile farming 
euntry, and has two extensve water powers. 
A Dianch of the Milwaukee & Mssip fRall Road ru 
Into the city, and is continued west under the ame of the South- 
ern Wisconsin Rail Road, which U to connect Janesville with 
Dubuque, but is only finished to Brodhead. 
Te Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lee Rail Road is cova- 
pleted to this place, and will, when it is finhed, connet 
Janevle with Watertown, Fond du Lk Oshkoa* the Lek* 
Supor country, and throqh Madison with St. Paul. 
Post offie was located here in 1837, and Mr. IL F. 
Jones was the first Post Master, he was succeeded in 1888, by 
D. F. Klmba% who held the office until 1840 when 1. L 
Kimball wua appointed, and was followed Jan. 140, by 0. . 
Jordau, who held the office only six montls when S. IL Alden 
was appointed. In 1863 F. H. Strong was ppointed  and 
aupemd.d in 1867 byDa. C. Brown, who Is the prsomt 
In regard to Literary and Educational lIttutdons James. 
Vill boUP   a posltion not urpaed by any City of itsdagi 

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