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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

[Introduction] Prefatory

In handing you this Directory of Rook County, we beg 
leave to say a few words about Directories in general, and this 
one in particular. The man who isso unreasonable as to require 
perfection in a work of this character, is, we hare learned by 
experience, the very one least ready to afford the information 
he claims as being wanted- the man who is most loud In his 
condemnation, and whose opinions and statements we care the 
least about. A mathematical certainty cannot be reached In a 
Directory, or any other printed book. 
No 'ork has ever yet appeared, in any languag  free fom 
typographical errors; but we assure our pations that we have 
taken all possible pains to make it as correct as possible, and 
we claim that no directory was ever published In the United 
States, containing less eros than th. 
Our, Gazetteer part is not so complete as we zpeted, we 
dgpended upon an old citisen of your County hr that pa of 
our work 1 but first, illness, and later, business matters has 
prevented him fom full his engagements to us. 
On account of the hard times the business m     of this 
County have been rather backward in advertising, which is 
the main support of this kind of wrk. 
To those who have supported this work, (their name will 
be found in capita*) we return our sinceie thank. 
With thes brief remarks, hoping a kind lbrbearance, the 
Rocx Coum Drnacrzoa is confidently committed to the 
current of public hvc. 
Janesille, October, 1857. 

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