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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

Historical sketch of Evansville,   pp. 292-295

Page 294

3~~        Owen's Rock County Directory. 
Wil the bd   m interests of veMl  ad ever     Io #A," by d ae 
sam   is thbu power any eterprs ad em h  for the a "vmemeat mad 
lneopeity of their town. We beartly ,eeommmd the    s A 1, Vm. 
tmom and business me, who we entirely desering of lbeal patronage 
ft., the ad p-o 
D. 0. Gimwox &'o., wholesale ad ea dalow i drug. ad med. 
Mi    M Tb homwas Aist established by Evass & Smith i 188. In 
1872 Mr. Griswold bought an interes with Dr. Rvan., 'sad dues tht de 
the Arm bas wauined under the obe  tidle  Their its  b ams of the 
Gmit ad meat hadsomely At%& upi the wstow     ountry, ad Mr. Gri- 
wold is ome of those stis gentlemen with whom It is a plesurs to meet. 
Dr. lSua is one of the oldest settlers, the town being named after him. 
They keep a i   eist em amoitmeut of drugs, medun  poisb,o. S1m, 
pert~mey, fbey sad toilet atoes, groo res &. 
Lux    Bwo, Furniture Nanubtureu salesom  loued om Main 
stret. The masuotory is situated nar the depot ad is equipped with 
som     he bos mashisery requisite hr this businem, ad is under the di. 
tme  meagement of Mr. Lehman, a pratlal seslntmem of ong ox. 
plm.e.. They employ a b     umber of bands sad their buuinem is 
gpedualy rming vat propordlos, ad is one of the most reliab ed In. 
patnt of the mahetordes of vusville. The sok In their mselo.n 
Jo very e  oplete, embising pareo, ohasher md broom  em semh, love- 
is whamte     ad everything to be found in may well reg"ulad fhiture
T=n .vAism    i. MmAwmzzu Auocanos, mor      popularly known 
as the "Grae 5    " was ehautered in Feb, 1874, under a soplasl
of ten 
thousnd dollar,  d is fat besoming one of the most prosperous sad pop. 
larbubdim hum in vansvils. I,8 Motto is "buy sdsell  r euhb,"and
thq have dmledy done ush toward bringing about a  sh Lsystem o bea- 
2e eplW is divided into shares of 25 dallars *wb ad no pam  ,an 
hold mer tAn 20 share. The Moholdors are among the mo t aubhan- 
til s ea"rpm" rm     i. tho 6Viun4ty. 
fhtrw & Wzraua, tebli"hd Feb. 2# 1874, ae    door to the Bank 
at   vansl   be ave met the  rps sores oesupylng 140 "s of te 
sm; doa general mereatle buness. embrading dry goods, roosrles, 
s., Neeooke  ad g    wars, se be  a lr  st   of ready mdo 
deotd   bool. and soes, hm and osp, frn and earpa.   M  establh- 
mmti popularly known t ,'Tbe Hoye store," being eoipom d of Yung 

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