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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

City of Beloit,   pp. 291-292

Historical sketch of Evansville,   pp. 292-295

Page 292

Imrt ward, . A. 8herwood, 0. F. G. Gl, IL B. Johnson. 
Sewsed wa, I. . 0obb, 1 B& Pest, B. L. Boba" 
Third wanr, 0. E. Paker, L. G. Wuley; 3 .. Booth. 
IbAth wad, Win. Blodgett, T. W. Kendall, 0. B. WhItid 
2U he owing A    ohlms house. in thir dirm t b us   of ide o 
t          uaezoepIeloea, have M& a eomplht uotmeat of good and 
m  prided over by geatemen who me a redit to the uity, a rpmt. 
ims to immretile end L     erlng ItmbL 
Gnarer; Bum      & 0.d     goodo, m7t A& 
PaWtud & Brutis, boots and shoesh sationery, o. 
Mmill    Co., io works. 
0.3. OhLnted, manuhoteor Bdipme Wind MiMI. 
Reak River Paper ompay. 
Beloit Strw Bord ompay. 
Job Thmpson & Co., plow mmufaotue. 
Rakupa the Photograher. 
I. R Smith, drup and mednem. 
. J. Goodwin, smu          Paintils 
W. 0. Kinue deder I. harem. and mddlery. 
Paker & Aidoh, bunders and maohnt. 
EL N. Sherwood, gun maufasturer and jeweler. 
runk Ualhbuy popdotor 8abw     Hou 
Pest A   eSi , lumber dalar. 
Ge. CL Dai boat, som and mbber goode. 
Uvanay    is situsted on the Madibou Dlvyio. of the OMaoa  & Nort. 
yeden Railwy, 18 mile from Janeeville the outy sat, 118 mile ton 
Chieg, ad 8 mile fm Madison. 
The nmarhatm o this town oon the trmde of a lar  motion of own. 
-07 -eo6 to them, ad we were muoh  rpred on visiting it to me thou 
umiskable sign of fisnod prmpeiy, te crowded stom      ad sbt. 
ymsvi     was u   ldin honw of Dr.J. L .  vm, the ftit phMlan 
wboe ett din the vul ge. D%  vm   mill a  lumtl and nterprb- 
tg as m   of the pla, being "Vd In th drIN besis, me a member 
st the fm at D, 0. Gdrwold *0o. 

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