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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

G,   pp. 74-78

Page 77

i..plter bbd 12 N ztohb". 
If. IL r am 8 WTmId anda Ea& 
~'~wood Mhd, palnter, r 1? Okiham. 
Vm4       W.t~ l~ .r Gold ar Rolmes. 
41~   Ida1  emebu  erGl  n  ete 
VomJhdamn   serGl  n  ete 
'Ai JbImn  am  o  ete 
I I              -%ft   - mw 
fftftft  jk    V*      -mmlfm*w-, 
MI*W  Mlhea lab., r 43 Oherry. 
ylM~ ak, brakemen, Wie W. Woclibrd'a 
1n   de Ptcklb r Paln cor Qentre 
01.Samueg carpenter, r 50 Locuet,. 
Abbs& James, clerk John GiliMe, bde 45  olnd. 
Eih.~hhm. dealer in Stoves and Tlawar., Hrdwar, at   a, w 
Jary, Horn famnishing Goods and AOelUW  ul Juelmeml I W       - 
Milwatkee, Wie Myers Romse, ee advL 
uuThe., ar repairer, r ow Gold and Holms 
mmU weN., Moeadtdawae, 6N Maa, r448 gai. 
Gtpsvod No S,q wid., rI I Ravine. 
GeeedMin S., dreumaker, 10 N Juskese, reme. 
G ewBsty, peddler, r "O Quad.. 
on&3b Alemadar, ar repairer, rOOK Asdamy. 
<  I Del,    , uIa ehi JAs 8poege. 
*GaeBsojmm*a mashlaist, r a veser Wesiara A"e and 3mb... 
GveBenai, paer ad maden, r sor Weetera A"e mad 3mb... 
OvvDejamla, Jr., palneer, hi. a w ot Western A"e ad Jaesu. 
Gyae  ere T.9 wood worker, r go linsl. 
ZmreHary, buob sad abc.., 81 W Milwakee, r 5U Ihaeoh. 
GveWalter R, ken.a, r U9 Lineela. 
GveWun. H., blaibmith, r U9 Limeola. 
G Gecge, wks 0 lextos. 
GrtbJob. ealeeman, ir 3 N Jaekeo. 
NohbMay I., temer, ia pbomry. 
'bWlliem~r 2 N Jaobmen. 
ff ., [Oarmey &Sonj r Gersey AvrlMohs, 
Or&, (0. Guermey & Sma.] r. K8.  ale. 
mg 0~m~. hSea%([Or& &Hf. I as A^ 7 8S I& 
Wi. ff., paeftar mketr, il NJeabi. 
4  2W ,pwm saker, 21 N Iraea, r 2l N JasaM. 

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