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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

B,   pp. 47-56

Page 51

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Wsmt  . ;., p(e. w"Ork ft  8 mil an.tCii  i 
We~ettblJhn &n 00e RW.1)7attoor eys ad lawme 1u41mW 
Milwabke. Ske mdvi. 
Danett M116, mate. of hair goods, Mitoh b84 W Milwakee. 
8ennis Amgu% laover, roe O   UMOO ad Carom. 
DeOW"t led4 abou,- r Off heiuolf and Oar. 
DerelW. W, weea  . a N. W.1Lr 89lAnn. 
Dm1. John, mulis r ast Ceter. 
Bertam 0., harmumaer bds Ssrvg  how&. 
311ev Ud, lae,r eeond iurmmm (Monteey.) 
Bowy MAoWe, r Second at BuNam" (Monere.) 
Bilf 300 Ad%, ooupoulto, Gusft. Printing 00),187s Blue 
Diltill Alteedamine, John Gildib, bde lame. hote. 
ARMS 2. 3., hesman omposiug room Gaoet Printi   ompany, r 
10 Amu. 
3bMU OlaMs Mrist GOMMe Prntig .0., r 14 Canadai. 
Diatif min Navia, oompositor, Gues. Printing Co.' at? Bluff. 
Birminghamk Miskee, laborer bdo a o sor lasko. ad Washington. 
Bbmingb=aa m ge, labore, r luter Av. nr old hlr groud 
Birmighm Pstrick, lbour, r 5 e Got J80keOR ad Washingio.. 
3bshM luulmber movnbant Waon owr jacs r114 Minea point A. 
Blai W-, works Lonqiy & BIne bW  I Loemi. 
Blai W- H., Orpenta, bda 14 Minera Point Av. 
SlakelY C. J- shoe0make, rn a co  S Iond ad ]Wt. 
311041100d Bin A., wld r 8O Miles Ameue. 

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