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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

W,   pp. 150-157

Y,   pp. 157-158

Page 157

fta'h         And Family Reelle, emefllyc ompouaded 
Woo              157            YEO 
Woodruff John J. ship. elk. H. S Woodruff & Co., res. 44 
,4oo mn 
W       George, lab., res 57 Franklin. 
Woodstock enry, res. 16W. Milwaukee. 
Woodstock Mary E., milliner, 12 W. Milwaukee, res. j6 W. 
Worthington James P.,  lk., bds. Myers House. 
W ray James G., carpenter, res. z5Linn. 
W right Charles H., ree. w. a. Chatham, bet. Bluff and Ravine. 
Wright Christopher T., carriage repository and trimmer, opp. 
Corn Exchange, Market square, rem. 31 S. Jackson. 
Wright Ella E., rem. 98 Terrace. 
Wright Frank H., carpenter Harris Mnfg. Co., res. 5 Milwau- 
kee, Rockport. 
Wright Jessie M., cigar boxmkr F. G. Stevens & Co., res. 47 
Wright John P., carpenter, re. 58 Galena. 
Wright Joseph H., painter E. J. Kent, bds. 54 Cherry. 
Wright Josiah T., leather and findings. n. e. cor. W. Mil. 
waukee and Jackson, res. 9 Mineral Point av. 
Wright Orville, carpenter, res. 64 Centre av. 
Wright Robert C., tray. agt., res. w. a. Chatham, bet. Bluff and 
Wright Samuel, mason, rem. Milwaukee, Rockport. 
Wright Wait, farmer, re. 98 Terrace. 
Wright William, harnessmkr a. a. Harmony, june. Caroline, res. 
Wright William J., elk. L. B. Carlo., rem n. w. cor. Galena and 
rVurl Charles, lab., res. w. . Linn, i n. of Western av 
Wyler Benjamin, bartender L. Wyler, rem 2a E. Milwaukee. 
Wyler Leopold, saloon, 22 E. Milwaukee, res. same. 
'   AEGER Christian, lab., res. 7S E. Milwaukee. 
][ Yaeger Henry, tel. opr., bds. 36 N. Franklin. 
Yager Wendel, veterinary surgeon, s W. cor. N. 2d and Wis- 
consin, rem. same. 
Yates James, teamster Bassett, Bliss & Echlin, res. 45 Locust. 
Yates M. Ella, rem 45 Locust. 
Yates Samuel, driver N. Fredericks, res. W. Milwaukee, nr. 
Yeomans Frank, res. w. . Bluff, 4 n. N. 4th. 
Yeomans Philip, farmer, res. w. a. Bluf, 4 n. N. 4th. 
Yeomans Reuben C. (Yeomans & Prichard), res. 79 S. Main. 

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