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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

S,   pp. 133-145

Page 141

Illandkerchtef Extracts ob 
and Colognes, at     61SF        A       ERE 
SMI              141           SPE 
Smith Mary B. (wid. Jee), rm. 42 Academy. 
Smith Morris C. (M. C Smith & Son, and Smith and Boat- 
wick), re. ... cor. S. ist and Divison. 
Smith M. C. & Son (Morris C. and Frank L. Smith), clothing, 
n. e. cor. E. Milwaukee and N. Main. 
Smith Nicholas, editor Gazette Printing Co., res. e. a. East, bet. 
S. 2d and S. 3d. 
Smith Otto E., saloon, 3 N. River, re. same. 
Smith Patrick, cooper Plowrlght & Norton, res. e. a. Ringgold, 
S n. Racine. 
Smith Sarah, dressmkr, res. 36 N. Bluff. 
Smith Shubael W., pres. Rock Co. National Bank, re. n. e. 
cor. Court and Sinclair. 
Smith Sidney, student, bds. 2o S. Franklin. 
Smith Solomon N., res. 71 S. Main. 
Smith Sophronia, res. 9 S. Academy. 
Smith Stanley B., bookkp rRock County National Bank, re. 42 
Smith Stanley T., salesman Smith & Bostwick, res. s. w. cor. 
2d and Centre av., Monterey. 
Smith Stephen D., tel. opr., C.& N. W. Ry. it depot., roes. w. 
s. Madison. i n. of Pleasant. 
Smith Mrs. (wid. Thomas), re. . e. cor. Caroline and Ann. 
Smith William (Smith & Phelps), res. 14 Washington. 
Smith William M., livery stable, cor. Court and Water, bd. 
Ogden House. 
Smith & Bootwick (Morris C. Smith and Joseph M. 
Boetwick), dry goods, carpets, oil cloths, etc., 37 . Main and 
S E. Milwaukee. 
Smith & Phelps (William Smith and Milton M. Phelps), attys. 
at law, Lappin's block. 
Smithley Annie, domestic T. R. Gray. 
Snow Daniel, advertising agt, res. n. . Center, 2 n. Pleasant 
Sonneborn Aaron (A. & F. Sonneborn), bds. w. s. Milton av., 
nr. N. ad. 
Sonneborn A. & F. (Aaron and Fred. Sonneborn), clothing, etc., 
4o and 4a N. Main. 
Sonneborn Fred. (A. & F. Sonneborn), res. il Milton av. 
Sparling John, carpenter, bds. w. s. Pearl, a n. of Pleasant. 
Spaulding Hannah C., res. s. w. cor. Centre av. and Holmes. 
Spaulding Hoilon, student, bds. 42 N. High. 
Spaulding John, carpenter, re. a. w. cor. Centre av. and Holmes. 
Spalding William, lab., res. 63 N. Main. 
Spaulding William H., moulder Harris Mnfg. Co., ro. 46 High. 
Spehn Jon, butcher M. Farrel, bda. Farmers Hotel. 

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