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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

H,   pp. 22-24

Page 23

Harris Norman S., painter, h a e Mill r  Bride 
Hart James P., resaper maunuf, Second b f ad D bds in 
ShoI b Pleasant and Prospect 
Hoskin\Henry P., e  Oak b I and D 
Hatch JEaaes B., carriage ink h w a Fourth b Division and. D 
Hatton Elks M.,   % w a ieant or Publis Av 
Hauser n. gro ad baery, w a State b Poes and a Bridge 
Hwley               =P561114h 1 House 
HayM      . " S"  A., w a  M  b Division ad Liberty 
Hae Geo    , pddler, h    fth b   and D 
Elmo P atar_ MW I MMl o Railroad 
Hek Mrs. Mary J., cook, Bushnell House 
Hing Reuben I., mer tailor, a a Bridge b Ore  a bride h * 
s Fourth b 2andD 
Hemlin George, watohmkr, h a s Z b Vine and Oak 
Handley Joseph, supt gas werks, h a a city line w River 
Henley Bridet, uervt, w a Church b Seo6nd and Third 
Hennessee Dennis J., msob, bde * e Fourth b Merrill and Locust 
genuessee Dennis lab h e a Fourth b Merrill and Liberty 
H   ERMON    RW. MTOSPH R., priest St. Thomas R. 0. 
itChuroh, h a a School b Short and Main 
Herriok Rufus Lt wagon mkr, al Third b Bridge and E h e 
a Bluff or Bridge 
Herriok Sophlnes S., blksumth, bds e a Blutr Bridge 
Herring oles N., mash, h w e Vine, b E and D 
Higins A. D., h a o a Main and Broad 
kth harles H., 6k, bds'w  Pleasant n" Public Av 
Hi drath Pal, h na Pam b Bluffand Eighth 
Hill ara  werv     S   cw*ohol and 8hort 
Hill Miss Ema, e n Public Av b Pleasant and Prospect 
I1Isa IL, h a * a h Seood and  hureh   * 
Hill Jno.,oarp h eFfth b Division and D 
Hill Mrs. Martka, n a c Fourth and Bridge 
Hill Vactor, blkmth, w  Pleasant bBroad and Rae, h n eo 
Rae and Pleasant 
Himelreich Samuel, elk, bd Bushnell House 
HimnM Samuel, real estate agt, n so School and State, h e e o 
prospect and irst 
Hinman Win. S., b k. h s ae First and Prospect 
Ho~g Caroline, servt, a w o Blu and Locust 
Hodgdon Warren, elk, h s a Broad b Short and Main 
Hedge Edwin, moulder, bde a w e D and Seventh 
Hodge Henry lab, h w s Eighth nr Locust 
Hedge Samue S., shoemkr, s a Bridge b Cross and bridge, h n 
w e Seventh and D 
Hedge Win. C., elk, bde s a Wheat b Bluff and Eighth 
Hoey Fra ,lab, h s s S Raoes State 
Hollad Ed   d lab,hw s Mill nr Railroad 
J'OLKAN EDWARD L, butoher, n s upper bridge, h e a 
LJ Bluff r Wheat 
Homa Edwin H., bntch, bds Beloit City  tel 

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