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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

C,   pp. 15-17

Page 16

Climmorman Kate aservt, * a Fourth b Middle and Liberty 
lurk --, in *   ace and Short 
Clark Beman L., elk h e a State b School and Public Av 
ILARK ELIJAH N., physician and dentist, Hanehett Block, 
n e State and Broad, rem Rooton rd a city line 
Clark Lawrence, ostler, h n a S Bridge nr State 
Clark L. B., elk, h a e o State and Public Av 
Clark Michael, lab, h n s al w Mill 
Clark Patrick, lab, h al b State and Mill 
Clark Rufus, a a Fifth Av nr  city line 
Clark S. C., carp, h n a Bridge nr Eighth 
Clark Thomas, lab, h in a 8 Bridge ar River 
Clark Win. IL, a * a Broad and Short 
Clary Rev. Dexter, agt A. H. Mlaiou Society for Wis., h n a 
Broad b Short and Main 
Clemmens Weansel, coop, bds w a Fourth b E and Bridge 
Clement Samuel. cop, h  a Bridge b Cron and bridge 
Clifford S e m Fourth b Division and Merrill 
CIOBB JUDD M., foreman Rock River Paper Mill, ds n e 
SHydraulic and Fourth 
Cookeril Thomas, a a State line nr Bluf 
C OFFIN ENOCH, [Rolfe & C.,1 
A       a w e School and Short 
Cogswell Moses P. 2d, hardware, stoves and farm implements, n 
a Bridge b Third and Fourth, h n m Bridge b Bluff and Cross 
Cole Came, servt, n a Broad b Pleasant and Prospect 
Collar Abram, wagon mkr, w a Third b Bridge and E, h n a 
Wheat b Bluff and Eighth 
Collar Abram, wagon mkr, h n a Wheat b Bluff and Eighth 
Colley Joseph B., deputy sheriff, h n a Broad b Pleasant and Pros. 
Collett Austin M., carp, bds w s Fourth b D and Division 
C  OLLINS C. F. G.) agent Florence sewing machines, w a State 
C b Broad and Race, h n s Broad b State and Mill 
Collins Gilbert B., grain dealer, h a e a Public Av and Prospect 
Collins James. (C. & Son,] bds n a Broad b State and Mill 
C  OLLINS & SON, [James C. and C. F. G. C.,] druggists 
and chemists, w s State b Broad and Race 
Colby Nathan D., teamest, h m a S Race b State and Pleasant 
Colman James, miller h w a Church b Fourth and Fifth 
Constock Julius I., la, h w a Third b D and E 
Conklin Win. IL, lab, h w a Mill nr al 
Conoboy Mrs. Mary. nr cor Race and Mechanic 
Conroy Frank, marble cutter, bds m a School b Pleasant and Pros- 
Converse J. C., [Todd & C.,]n w e Bridge and Fourth 
Converse James, n a Race b Pleasant andProspect 
Cooper Samuel B., farmer h asa 8 Rue nr Bridge 
Coope Thomas B, Noggfe's Addition 
Cotbn Jerry, cooph s S Race b State and Pleasant 
Coughlin Jams% h ab, a Third b Division and D 

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