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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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Votes for Women via of moving pictures is the latest
* eature adopted by the enterprising moving picture companies.
Knowing thie subject to be the most prominent one throughout
The United States to-da,-, their audiences will be given an oppor-
tunity to see wh:7 thinking women the world over are demanding a
voice in the laws of the nation.
Ifiss Mary 1. Bartelme of Chicago has just been ap-
pointed Assistant Judge of th   Tnuvenile Court of Cook Co., Ill.,
and will preside over a separate division devoted to the trial
:f girls and young women charged with minor offenses and delin-
qI c n ' 1  '  ~is  artclm e is c  a-i ayr and seve-ral ye.ars ago was ap-
poinited Pu'lic  uardian of Cook CGounty, 1hich office she con-
duictd so succ ssfn-'Iy 'hat it has led to her elevation to the
boneh.  rFi s  ar't, nee i  an ardent supporter of woman suffrage
nae  fneAddamo of Hull House.
Sindsy, o               the Denver Juvenile Court, has
st beeri  -cted 1'f a majority of 25,000, in spite of the
f.ct t tha  t h', wo le pi)it½a1 machiniery cf the city was set to
crush him, is pzroof that the reform sjpiit is strong. among the
voting women of Denver.
Rev. Father c,,cMahon, pastor of the Catholic Church of
Our Lady of Lonr es, New York, cn Vay 31 preached a powerful
sermon in his church in favor of woman suffrage and equal pay.
Tn the course if hi      a r'eatar  b aer 1,cahon said: "The Church
haas always stooc fw:' the betterment of women. As early as the
:-ourteenth   nt   ,,;Oytjen %r otec on eqa al terms oiith rien, and there
i not hing -rwor any or immodest in it now. Anyone reading
Snosi -.-o s   t  tht n  frie"'i  fnr V. omen :n the doctrines of the
C(''irrch.  nol, wI!, i nformet in regard to them."
n   t "I, -aneoo-,or of New York Uni versity, aodress-
ng .te vradialg. cas of. a promi rent School for Girls a few
.... ........ oe  ...... ,  in  favor  of  woman  suffrage,
eay~ing it a   a necessity because of impending social revolu-
rrofesis:r bn½     of t e 'University  f l'nnesota, Dem-
ocratic cana *datofor (I.  rr.r of tho  t:te, opthey aepouses
universal        g-uffa  or  'won i  a  telene of pirinciples on
which h4 e  ill make hiC campaign.  "There i' no sot'n  reason why
the  wom~n  of  [I on   I~-:a  <.  uP, , n  -a e .. .... rii Ic  x r
,-: .  .c~;  t e  rz -t  to elxpress .. .
-hemsd   .. . ...... ......   emsit  affects  them
a do- Edoes t           ral     'atioc"    reads the
statrment,     or f e ;   g         .ora tod  0  y the Legislature
.....ý'_ n(  v  t e,.rh                         reýýr~
e  to  woman
app intoer: of tono -on-a ?ineit nen tano.             act as a
vi(+,e commision to r-   -     " te i. r 1-       cf landling not
only the socalI evil u    oth-r fvircs c   ice. 1.: will be the
duty of th- Ic: i ,- e                a! investigation of condi-
tions in rhiladelpiia.
r.e ,.        4of  ½- :  - s Men', Equan  Sffrage
Lpction o. a  1u11 quota of
offic'rs, sy: ,o ..    eka Lrztai.    Their actie work1 in the
campaign;. xx 1i e Ianr mmedteiy1 aid a numb Ier of ½celkers s'ill
.... th  pia,.,o  r in o   tho suffrage ame'iment. The
i. u½ of mtirgi is ho b      g arranged and will cover the en-
tire State.
ce Lcat  Kng "  h Du ri in 1908 :igad th~e bill giv-
ins   ul nunici      'ii  s 0 t  Danish women. Fe "o s also in fa-
vor  f flull  ef'*a e f         , o"i       toey have petitioned,
ani which iP             J. ooed sili. oon  n.
t s   ...t fty years    nice th women of Lweden were
glen thein~cal fcrancise, an] there is every prospect that
t ..... rKll          .    1h uni erssa! s ffrge bill now
under discussion in th-a Lower Ho'use.
r a lcttei "oil shed Jr t h,,-ondon  imes, the Bishop
of No ,t Q,,oers t'               r "Aua I .JI I  righ ' 1  ecoming
an-t -rore ir~             .1:1on as t'o le t e, . i!- op for social
and poli tical ezpenient. .       -,e ha:e trieo the experiment of wom-
en's franehis i  for several years.  Certainly in the Commonwealth
and i n QueenAa'n, I belia;ve also in rther States, x'omen have
exactly tho same e      r    r i             n   7m-- icy orn ob-
i-erv-ati, , T can unh sitaingl  assrt that such electoral priv-
ileges have bun    ,e_. quie as w, el]., if not slightly better,
than by the men."

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