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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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This being "Leap Year", it my > ot ½, amis, as shob
ing the antiuity o      ) o ' Rihs            nit tr of "popping
the qcuestion", to Nnot   Ih  fo!!o'i ,a.      e fr   a  ]a> pased
in Scotla-d i   1288: "     st                 i  that durin1 the
rein of' ha'     t V; i     n_                      Z.01_0 U6x as ue
year, ilk naydei lody    of hothe  igh and ½oe estt h a liberte
to bespoke ye man she ikes. "
Press C cipings receive    at the   t atora IfSIuffrage;
lleadquartoi rs in  'w Yorc reea 1he factt     t each State cJlains
the honor              hion
of woLmen to mrc. in th                  1~tiard  fby4   Ad tot  of'
woman suffrag   he I  {on    (usoe     to   rn rexferre tI   a
ugly of face and figure dc    i o f  resad      enra1    imattrac-
tive, but tis evidence of persoa 1     r     iý  n  e   te pa t of
their local   e   ysp-    soean      erloyie'                in the
Votes for w:oren [mo'Cement
Th  Peu  of 00  op~i ¾  ndia's famous xr'mro  ~rifer  has
Just dorVted 4C55,000) to  Iar   £ th   estabisrin  o  a  ½i~'
atDelh.     en       i    d   sno    Io ar     e-                  n
of India to na -e toe eduaiwo. i and !iterationa 'f ½hi    s   the
chief object of ter live ,       claring tt     el    edctionr is
the foundation of al   ntional success a :r
Mrs. A nn  Pitzer, the dpinfie, g r-hared <siser-
jn-lax7 of Speaer Ch am   C n                               or the
twelve dele   te  lo:.u   to thQtt of {oorado i        ½ t~h ton~o
ai temocratic convention to be ho1d         1  'li  e next mroth.
Mrs. Pitzer worked hard ad long foi womant suffrge in Colorado,
where she                                                       tos been
a resident for many years.
Lios Louise Leste r, of !:ry~ nd, hsbeen appointed, by
President Tftz a mea'e    of the  omAute    to witnesso the destruc-
tion, of paper curr  cy    Sh i~s  he fi rst woman ever no med for
that service. Th     omte, copsdo            thre         ',ss  sper-
vises tk   detutm               f L    dlas o        Il  p per money
sent to the T      o  fr redeptio.
Ii'. Clara P      ;e1pe, r  I  ritat  'it  physician, served
as foreroai (o  a jry in Chiea *o a feP d~as ag    ' ad is said to
be the >rirs  woL'n to ac t in tha :a>cit V  :n th  St ate of !ll-
inois. Dr. Se~e      is   ain ard~ s   orter,  of eota  sufi ape,
and says tha    o&~ns       e   1: not be 0o'oe   in uperormiing
any public p,
Pady Samuel    > prsie  at th  or 1u  m eti>' of the We-
men's League .~ I7or° Hu  a  Reo       1eenl hel    >' Leder, arid
reported ~that tohe wor  doe <y th   wome   !nc       o  wit
TLondon run icipal %-e'eCtis lluCriIg theps     year  as exce~lent
and urged IhL 1egu    to contnu    it  eforoto in tis direction
during t.he( co 0'nq 1 boou.  ani county council  e~leions.
tirs. Luse I' S ige, a sa~noh adocat of 1otes for wo-
mesuffrageand aarad oe IeosfcmCri>le  'Ifte Avenuet ohe  aildo>  ,
  "citg,, isth
truly 1a    iri     sih; in      hl   al1 rrcn- ay not Le en-
tirely r0gted    he i    e     e   thre wilb        at p     up
Repor~ts fro cidaho s'ay th~at an intrsc tio g feature of

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