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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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/ <I
17rom Ohio comes the following definition of an anti-
suffragist: A lady ;ho ý;oes into plic-  to kee),: other ladies
out. In Oregon, whore opponents Of votes for women have coem
all the way fromNIew York to work agarinst the suffrage amend-
ment, they defire an anti as, A lady who travels 3,O00 miles
from home to prove that Xoman' Sphere I, The Hoime".
Zena Gale, the wel.-knrwn Wis'consin author, whio spent
the winter in California, writes in The Woman's Eulletin as
follows :  "I 7 :s   ..
ol s . i .sh that every man who is ever to vote on constitu-
tional amendments which s     el extend the franchise to "iiomen
might go to California be1 ore he votcs. F-r it seems to me that
he must come awayr with o-e of the t+h.,ngs  that iake for citizen-
ship: a wide, new sense of justice. And that he must come away,
too, with one of the things thrat tke for ._.bity:  a better un-
derotandin'; of the natur c £   ! the hum n rcf 1"
Pr. IDe (Li, the CIK in se < 1~g te t' thec C. aral Confer-
enec fteH
were tI e first Lo acvou nat e the mea   to  a.I nc,: se the women
of China. "And", h   added, "v consistent and perfect republic
must accord -o- womrr the same rigs i accords to (71man. it-, de-
mands the saaeo ic y olt: mn  oh d~ie10  to " 2  7  fo-lr  n
tý-ýý-.-d-i,. the;: f7- l y  :7-rom          her  and
she should .ave the        ai.g those laws.
That womn n shall be r p.......h      IeaaofTrd
..               ....t 'ýor  .... ..e   in e ;Lrd  o f  T:i-rad e
of Onsett,                    OF.0s, was the acti on  akn by  h  bocdy at
its last
mneeting. The re-ro of toe ]oPFard vo1nd   o s.r-,ke out of he
by-laws the wo-d "    sale"  id inser, "Y1 les ýr d
fomales", admit-
ting women to m.emblrship on the same terms  s men.
The recent aF-mission of th wmoen of italy to a M tsnic
lodge, declares Signora Troise, the celebrated writer of Mian,
removes the slander on woran that sh   is incapable  f keeping a
secret. Signora Troisc is one cf thi l,,ding advocates of woman
suffrage in Italy and has helped to organize clubs all over the
"Votes for Women" is the name emblazoned on a pleasure
boat at Buzzard's BEy owned by Mrs. Thomas P. Curtis, one of
Boston's socia.> leaders and an ardent suffragist.
In Denver, Colorado, the Board of Education has insti-
tuted a course for girls above the age of twelve that is intend-
ed to fit them for the performance of housewifely duties. The
course includes cooking, sewing, laundry work, general home
management and care of children. Equal suffirage has prevailed
in Colorado for nineteen years.
Ground is b-ing broken at Wnfield, L. I., for a school
for women, wihere plumbinrg, building, masonry and other trades
will be taught. The school will a've room for 150 pupils, and
over sixty applications have a~rady boen received.
The Government of Panama has I- pointed Miss Agres
Ewing Brown, 2n _Aerican, to 'thef' i      Di00 01  r!etor of' the Normal
School for Girls at Przý.nama City.
Miss  el en H. Hill has recivd Irom thrw Governm nt of'
Porto Rico tie aot, pirntrnot of Cief o_     t c Bureau of i fo r-ation.
The departmenrt is for the aid of 1 usi ness hoLiýuss consdering
settlement in Porto Rico.
MIss oabnl Kelso, of S attle, has passed the examina-
tion as wireless telegraph opcretor, receiving one of the hignest
marks given at the GoverxmenIt's naval wireless training school
at Puget Sound iavy ya rd. She h1:s been. assigned to the ste-jIer
Mariposa, sailing for Alaska July 1.
The first cony ntion of women bankcrs ever held in
this country met in S&n Antonio a few days aLo, and resolutions
were adopted mnki-g it an annual affair. A movement is on foot
to organize a natical_ association similar to that of the men
A modern historian makes the claim that Gongru Hrolf,
the mighty Viking, who afterward became the first Duke of Nor-
mandy and the progenitor of William the Conqueror, was the orig-
inal woman surfragist, ard that it was this valiant Norseman who
sounded the first clarion call for women's right3 ten centuries
In Germany there is a total number of 11,900 women
filling honorary positions in cities and on Charity Boards. In
155 municipalities 7000 women sre in active service for the care
of the poor and of orphans. In 115 towns there are women serv-
ing on School Boards.

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