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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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j/ kJJ
Rev. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Woman
Suffrage Association has gone to Ohio to assist in the campaign
for votes for women, and will go from there to Wisconsin and
Michigan where campaigns are pending. Miss Jane Addams, Nation-
al vice-president, is now in Kansas for the purpose of helping
the women of that State secure the vote.
Mrs. Robert M. LaFollette, who is touring the Pacific
Coast, says: 'The women of California are proving every conten-
tion we have made in favor of equal suffrage. They are showing
themselves to be earnest, conscientious citizens. They seek to
hear every side of a question and wish to use their newly ac-
quired power to the best advantage as they see it after real
Miss Lillian T. Wilkins has been appointed a customs
inspector for the port of Boston. She was selected out of near-
ly one hundred applicants.
Miss Alice L. Thrkicn of New York is the head of a firm
of contractors and builders and ia mf tbe Budig
Trndes              having been admitted after she had handled
several big contracts which had. attracted attention. She has
Just been e,:rr-ed the cc tract for the building of a public
sobool in New York City involving an expenditure of over
Miss Helen F. hill has   een a-!itted to the Court of
Appeals of aryiand.  Miss Hill is the daughter of the late
~mund Hill, a progressive business man, a firm believer in pro-
gress for women and an advocate of any movement to enlarge their
field of activity.   iss Hilli received the degree of LL.B. be-
fore reaching the age of twenty-one and is president of the
Alumni Association of the Washington College of Law.
In iew Zealand, aiss Nancy Isaacs has been appointed
legal associate to her father, Justice Isaacs, in the High Court
of the Commonwealth.
Switzerland, after a careful study of factory concii-
tions by a special commission appointed for that purpose, has
chosen a woman from the city of Zurich for the office of Chief
Factory Inspector.
Aiss Harriet Ieeler, Superintendent of Schools of
Clevejand, Ohio, is quoted as saying. "The world has gone as far
as men can take it alone. If it progresses much farther it will
have to be with the help of women."
The Daroness von 1uttne" of Vienna, foremost peace ad-
vocate among the women of Zurope and a winner of the Nobel
Prize, is expected to attend the li-ennial convention of the
General Federation of Women's Clubs in San Francisco next month.
The Austrian Peace Society held a      1eetiig at the Vienna Univer-
sity a few days ago, at which the Baroness made a plea for
peaoe, xhen a delegation of the Naval Association openly charged
her with reolutionary utterances ard attempted to break up the
When Turkey was fighti9g for its Constitution so short
a time ego, the woren throughout the country thirew off their
veils and flocked to   i  the Young Turks, for which they were
highly comm4nde.     op, however, hen they are asking for their
own enn, thei are tk........  ra~esd with impriscr-ent for ap-
pear1ng n publi by ths whom~ they a: lately helped.
 e. Atrin Maimbeg, of the anoien4 University of Hel-
singfors, Finland, who  s coing to the United States onE
lecture tour, ts ere of thec best know:n >dvooates of woman suf-
frage in Europe. Yre. 1Na~mberg suffered impcrisonme nt in Russia
for her ac~vity" 'r- ~i e movemert for freedomn for Finland and is
now living in Jxile in nngland.
Dr. Vittoria Racc'a, professor of Political ZEonomy at
the University of Rome, vho omes to Ar'erica for the purpose of
jtudying political ard economic co ditions, is ai ardent believ-
er in votes for women anrd marched n the woa    suffrage parade
in New York~ laz Saturday. ?rofesso r ?oacc is closely identi-
fied with the suffagea mvement ±mw ag~itating Italy, and says
that in th~e italian Parliament there is a very active group
flighting for the wzomen under th. leadershi~p of Deputy Ga3.l~ini.
"The women of all classes are behind the demand, for votes",
say Professor R>cca, "bothi the oobility and the women of the
piain classes. The Marchesa Ludifero and the 2rofessoressa
Labrioia are amorg the most prconirent leaders, and they repre-
sent the mo~st iaportant leadership arrong the women, Tn add~ition
to these there are many workers among the humbler classes. In
Italy it is more than a mnovement for the vote; it goes hand. in
hand with the economic reorganization of the country."

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