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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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Large aelegations from         every State in tHe Un-on H'U
will arrive in New York on t-e morning of; May 4 to mnrch in the
woman suffrage parade which hfs come to -e looked upon by New
Yorkers as th great event of the season. Among the marchers vill
be womrn voters from the six enýfranhised 3tates, from N17 way,
Finland, Australih, New Zaland ýnd Chfra. Every professisn
open to wommn Vill be represeted In thu prcceýsion, ev ;y branch
of ndustry in which 1omen are engaged will se nd delege/   n
the college women C  ae   inr-msed tu urn cut in great number,
and the len's League f      nr Wom!n ruff a.e: will fal. into line one
thousand sltrln , headed bV its own band.
Alaska :omen are hopef'u  of gaining political freedom
.n tr  ner foture, and both men and women are directing their
el      t f ort        A             scored in the Iouse of Repre-
sentatives hast week, when by a vote )f 81 t 35 an amendnt
vwas adopted ass-urinag to the Ala'skar Legislatur' th? "right t3
modify te qualifýa' t 'r- of    eo     by extending the elective
franchise to women."
The Lississippi Vallec., Suffrage Conference, to Ie held
&n Chdcagu thii 1tter p     al' to  hoU mont>, promioe u, be onv of
the most importra~t meeting's :'ve, h .a Iin te interest o, ., tes
e'  il  b......ndnc ,  ar. practic~l methods for prumot-
irg caripaigns wi! be adopted.
Louisiana has begun a 3tale-0i e campaign for the pur-
p se of prearinrg uuffi'ago prop aga: da. Org'anizers h~ e been
~~sent uu' m  F       -i'm  enuL,  ptkc  og :d to a~vd ress m eetings,
and plans fr L. i~s)sti~ c w zk are re'eix ing the careful cons. d-
oration of" t e suffrag l>ad~ers in N, Orle ans.
Missouri worxern .<r{ actively engaged in a struggle to
:e ur' t>e submissi on of a' eqjal sffr'agu const.ituticna! amend.-
ment at the- next State ci Ct .on unier' thu L iniiative and referen-
The Wonmau Suffrage Rirt, of New York, founded by Mrs.
Chiapnan Cart onfy lhr e lears ago, n :; claims o membership of
oier 50,000. !The Part,'y publisin. its <. morthily paper a'd k eps
ari i'ganizcr in each of the aixty-t'lre Asembl, distriots of
Greater New York.
F~rom Spain cmomes the .",pO .t that the Spsnis Chamber
s arrang ng to Jiv ,,men Tho aro beois of familie 2 bh right
to vote for aor and Council in the villages.
The Democratic Union of' Poland., at its last annual
convention in Lemborg, unanimously resolved to insert a new
plank in its platform and advocate votes for women.
A report froum Russia says: "The most rema.rkable event
in the woman's movement in Russia is the introduction of a bill
on votes for women Ira the Douma. On February 13 M. }3oulate,
M.*., introduced a bill drafted, by the Russian League for Women's
Rights at St. P~etersburg and s'igned by forty Members of Parlia-
ment of different parties..
In Persia the woman movement hac a national society
w~hioh in Teheran alone counts one hundred branches. The Sultan,
last September, for' the first time in the history of that coun-
try, received a deputation froni this society and promised to do
what ho could to improve the lot of Ottoman women.
M. Louis Marin, Member of the Frenc'h Parliament and an
officer' of the Men's League for Woman Suffrage, declares that
there is Ineroasirg good will aamorg the members of the Parliament
of Prance toward grouting the suffrage to women.
The women of Austria held their first national suffrage
convenrtion last morth ard. adopted thu f'ollowing lire of action:
"In principlie the women shall claim universal, equal, direct
suffra~ge and eligibility/ for' all representative bodies, but with
the understanding tha t the women of each of the States of the
Empir<e shall be free to demard at any gi'ven time for Diet of
Luunioirality the form of the franchise which they shall think
The Christian Feminist Leaogue of Belgium has formed a
nowe section calleI Woman Suffrage, with which the Young Men's
Roman Catholic Association ha~s become affiliated. The latter
sooiety at a re cent meeting passed the following resolution:
"That in the eveat of a revision of the law on political elec-
tions it would 'be unjust to continue to exclude women from the
register; the Young M[en's Roman Catholic Association adopts the
principle of political equality of men and women; and resolves
to affiliate its members individually and the Association as a
whole with the Woman Suffrage Section of the Belgium Christian
Feminist League."

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