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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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TO77N                  PUBLIG~iTION                 C~hCUL Ti
ilwaukec             Rovnost(IBohemian), Fri. - Independ( nt            1,
7 00
(iovnozt 'ublishinv Coany, 767 - 14th    t)
_ee-Bote(Gcrm. r , n),  un. edi4 ion is named
.onntagsbote. 7'ed. and :un. -- Ind. Lea.          6,900
.. Dcuster Company, ',bl ishers, 9n 'a~an It.)
Social Democratic 11(rald, Sat. -  eoo. Dem.      60,000
(F.Heath, Id.;-ilwaukee ocial Democratic
TublLhinr Got pany, 5KS Chestnut St.)
Tims(s, Siat. - Local                             it"00o
(H.Towell, I Kitor and 7ublisher, 349-'i
Grove Street)
T..godnik'oski('oiish), Thurs. - .on-patisan
Nowiny 7ublishinL Comrpany, 6141f i tchell 2t.)
 '?orwarts,(Lerman) !un. -Social IDem.               10,0CC
Tahrheit(Cer"an) -at. - .ooial Dem. -
. . e,-tor,   locial
Democrat Publis ing Lo., Z4 .ixth St.)
,eostern ouilder, 't>ly. - building
(!4.:.'1'iýdalc, Editor; oestern Builder rub.
Co.,( Inc) 405 -ont;omery bldg.
estern leacher, tlthly. - 1ducational             6,b0o
(ex. July , US. u)
1-1as 7. Gillan, 'ditor and Publisher,
141 7>isconsin Street)
isconsin Advocate(ý-exo),, Thurz. - ..epublican    900
(!.ichard B. Lont omery, Iditor and T ublisher,
209 Fifth ttrect
'>isconsin Baniter,  lihly. - Banking
6Kortimer I. Stcvens, 1ditor and 7ublishcr,
1 Casw;ell Block)
?:ioconoinhiannor cnc' ol1sfrc ind, &ed. and "un.  2,0
(Columbia ' blishinG Co., 96 ason "treet)
'isconsin Christian 1Advocate, thly. - ethodist ,000
' (A .J. LenJanin, 1ditor; idvocate Publishing Co.)
isoonsin  cdical journal, 'thly. - "edical       1,658
(t. ' . Yyero, Iditor; Ztate 'edical Lociety
of zisconsin) 504 Goldsmith Bldg.)
isco iin '-otorist, ' thly. - !otoring
('.C. onre, 1,aitor -nd Tubiisher, iailway
Exchange Bldg.)
Yaun4 rhnurchman, Sun. - !pisc.Juv              40,77u1
L orehouse, iditor;Young Chrchnan   pny,
ublisicro, 4S4 il:auhee tree~t,
Neenah                 Fricnd an. Guidc, [thly. - iquitable Irat. Union
(Dio 7. Dunham, Iditore Iquitable Fratennal
Union, Tublishers)

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