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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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TO  i          PU]iIC J !]i                                    <-R-' i
knti~mgro Journa l, 'iuoS. - .e;..                    Agri.             
(Bred L. eerner, laitoer  Bcrn.r 1ros,. Pub. Co.
V                      -wlet n  Lowrentian, Tu s. 6ur. Goil. ye&r - Colleiacto
 4 7
Last issue of each nonth is used as a -obth-y.
(iba'vrentian . seociation, "ublishirs.,
Lc vcr Dam           ',odg  County oarmcr, "thly. - Agrioultural
(:'. I. ar-er L Loon, Idiiors  nd Pubc ih rs)
Tcloit              Round Ttblc, kly. dur. Coil. year.-    olic Jato    
(,rcnan Uin o     Eloit Collee, iditor-s nd Iu     ..r5,
,Blodheod             isconsin itiýen,                  :,fyf .or.
m n  '. ,cvv-an, dior; 7i consin nor an's
uf-raj    . soc-ati)n, 'urs.  hroi
Clippew:a Fa ls      Catholic 2'niinel, 2Iuvo. - .c.thlic,
(irthur .... ououa, Icditor; Githolic -entincl
,ublisinU, Conpany.}
Do Pere rcolsster (:olitndftih              ed. - Cftholic              
I, i<
(oohn ; . [,uy)ers, Tditor;  ymon   1u'ers, 'ublihhcrs
Fot r .tiA,   n       ,merical *l I, tte 'lier, thly. -      ci ..tte 35,0,
(1, '. *  ;eb  ,  . i tre ;  -cal  't  te  ;ller
Corporotion,     i i<
iioad's Dairyman, Fri. - Dairying0
D. Hioard, U _itor;  .b.lord Co., ublioM rsu
* t icJ" S    ,oeflucil-jucitcr(. rieman) th7y. - 'oultry        7,7150
iia'' )wr |%           nýy  .    -'it, IM  ot; Lefluse--ol'uechter
vDublish ~b Company)
Janc:ville            in epende nt, Fri. - Labor                        
10550 Crosse           da     r  it   jounal,           0 rolt
.dvan c e  U1.11
(z. a. .,of:n.on, cditer;        ubnc  &. Cc)
Civic  re   s.,   thly. -ivic ffciri
Dvora',   U-tor; ,reeric: "ob Co.)
'abor Journal, tidy. - Labor
k(Crc ,cent 7riintiwý Coap- ny, rubiish rs)
o....  io i s Trtde j ournal, :th'y, - Tr1de -,400
( euze!  . Ilvoral, ,ditor, ,rderi&- o,  Co.)
oýr y~u   t, tly. _-0 G1,or  4ooti7
('. v'. ,  or, diror and     ,her,'
Vol.o 7-ost( urrian) 'ed. -                        17,000
(Nor(tcmern  szociaon, Fubiihcrs)
1 ,dsn             Cordi~iaj, 7aily jz.  du.u.  -o11. yer- olil.        ,45c
'4                        (Ltud ints of th  a ,{  it       ico
ditoys nr i  uc i, Chb

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