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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter to Mrs. Dennett: Richland Center, Wis., Dec. 9, 1912] PDF (258.0 KB)

OFFICERS                                                  VICE-PRESIDENTS:
President-Miss Ada L. James                                      Mrs. Henrietta
C. Lyman
Richland Center                                                  Madison
Secretary-Miss Sarah S. James  oq!wEitY DOW   Of DiROWN          ssiosehSwan
Oshkosh                                                     Mrs. Geo. W.
Treasurer-Myrtle Baer  SUFFRAGE H EADQUARTERS                      Milwaukee
Milwaukee                                                   Mrs. Frank Thanhouser
1016 WELLS BUILDING                    Milwaukee
Auditor-Mrs. Ben Hooper                                          Mrs. B.
C. Gudden
Oshkosh                   MILWAUKEE, WIS.                     Oshkosh
TEL. MAIN 1297
RICHLAND CENTER, WIS.,       3...  191
St rS *Inett,
A le~tter re'oeived froam rc, plu~~er reuemtm me to
'ito to yeu and rotate my eiriiln en the demtrabtlity of haying a brahe
the itienal e       itahliuhed at Chicig$, It reems to me a- tery  I plan
ýr oevertai reaoens, firnt we are to )wve a parcel. post with the
,nnirtg f the new :ear, and  Chia, , will be in the  irot or  eeoend
ne( first if we cmntinue head     ~uarters in slieoee, second if ee ;!en
i office in :iadin) in ei ther case it w      -.d mke a very treat diflferen
i poetage, Then toe it will be a great rqving in time, I Tpeak fre,0
rp rie ge, frequently duran our c    ,ýpin we jhoned t           -%Qhie
4d literature erdere filled for the various parts ef the ttae the
ime day the order was received. And eomes in fact froquently cdur-
 a campaig   it Is ab'slutely   ýcosary to have supplies at once.
Arvd I can't bet I  to tell you h"   'uehecheaper Zrans  rtatlin '
ill cut dstri our enpenses.
Regretting that I could not be present .t the Fattens
imnventi n, I an as eVer o~rdai~y yours

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