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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter to the editor: Richland Center, Wis., Dec. 9, 1912] PDF (475.2 KB)

OFFICERS                                                VICE-PRESIDENTS:
President-Miss Ada L. James                                   Mrs. Henrietta
C. Lyman
Richland Center                                               Madison
Secretary-Miss Sarah S. James  e Phlit   EE97of Wisconsin     Miss RoseOSwart
Oshkosh                                                  Mrs. Geo. W. Peckham
Treasurer-Myrtle Ber  SUFFRAGE HEADQUARTERS                     Milwaukee
Milwaukee                                                 Mrs. Frank Thanhouser
1016 WELLS BUILDING                   Milwaukee
Auditor--Mrs. Ben Hooper                                      Mrs. B. C.
Oshkosh                  MILWAUKEE, WIS.                    Oshkosh
TEL. MAIN 1297
RICHLAND CENTER,WIS.,  ec Q      1911
To the Editor:-
taken .ýn the puestiun of enfranchisine the w    ?men of our 5t -t
In an editorial of November 7th, yom ,anifest surprise at
tiic negative vote on the ouffrage referendum, permit ,?e to say we were
no less srprise& andr have wade a car -ful study of ihe situation. The
result of our investigation will daubtless prove interesting. tI every
man and woman -ho believes that "isconsin is free frei .      it
*f the ?i Interests.
7¢e expected to find indifference as 1he majQrity ,treal--ys
indiferent to prog'res',  e si~e of the vote on all r-firen<urs proves
this. le could -:Lt find n insttanc, 'here "isconnin ha.d ever c't -
o f 2 0Q0,"  ~n r   dA r-e , n hie Pil ,a ukee c u.7tj i 1  al",.ays
below 30;000. Compare the following tfiEurfs ard ,oei rill  !he re
was ittle ink!ifference on the subject.
11 r tif f rn.       Au" i r r 1Wf f rg(t
For Cov. PcCovern       For Judge Yarel
179,779                    6,5"7
llilwaukee cast -tvote of lkr,11ý4i' fmLr :i3 ',t  tins t  ~t a I
,kad you studied the record of 'xnencments and been told that
132,O00 vOtes _'ould be cast for it, you wvuld have deciphered suffrage
would barry wtLh a good majority.
Here is the story of our defeat. Wisconsih is the third state
in the union in the manufaoture of fermented liquors, "he second inthe
*ut put of malt; these liquor interests are oapitalized at $85,Ud4,er0.

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