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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Flora to Ada: Madison, Wis., Nov., 1912] PDF (432.8 KB)

as t Dayton St.
"adisonV Wis.
Ala aear:
I will be ;n 'ichi;d Center at i2:45 SAay
buAt 1 .uust oce back huo.e for Thanksgiving~, because I
r~a~lly    o   ; to    CYrystal found a job for
me with the WoZae, s Political Union, snd   :s. ilatch
wrote asking whether I would be i :erssted in work as
organizer. I     estin wht.or i will be a suitable     er-
son but I take the job ny a .1 try to find so-e
thin; else if I don't succeed   n th t. Or I nay co3e
back t" Wisconsin to ny little ob at 'ast Division H.S.
or ±4 if I     n a ne:del in zufa-e will .o at tXt -a-An
I want to te       n '  uj w2    -rs. CVynowat-Ii
this afternoon and we h I a lo"v talk ýabout suffae. The
W.     S. A. had asked 7rs. La Follette -_d then -rs. Chy
noweth to accept the pesidendy of tho association. '°rs.
La Fol lette fe! t5t she would have to be away too !uch
a     sA " hre  Chynoweth felt that she could not ta. te a'rk
.nd woul- not be .he suitable person for the place. iss
stearns was lected, 11rs. Chynoweth supposed o .e:ely as a
tea:porary arange. .ent until =4-i   tw" or ;-nizatios united.
She 'cer' uuch favors uxitin,.
Burt why  . I witin -all this w4e-n I shall see
you Zo so50-1   I do holpe y-u can arrane to have "rs. You-
mans "is  sterns  ..d"s. LS ?oi/et~e there for a confer
ma :- , S   i s -  - t eaa r n s.,  a d   a.. . . .
*o.ce, btU if you cannot ..aybe  we c'. neet in '"adis0n te
end of the week. H wevr in trunth I      -. not neaaed  at the
neetiZ, ecauoe,donltt you know,you rand i al.w ys se~u to
agr.e 50 -1.e3y d1tto you.        :owever co.e b1ck tz 2adiS
a3e oo -'                 C * 3-
wi>L no if you can, or couoe after Thaauksg~.vinl~ beca~ce I
knov you'd be ho' e than heroDe_    n           w
coul. not zet to:ether for   -co   erence that day We can
nas~ve a neetL13 say here o: at '-,s. LC FoieteS o Friday
an. r't'ah if necessary a: in tLe reantr e i can see
nor of you before I go east.
I a noo anxiou' to see you nob on acoou.t of
suffrage but on aczon.n of you, U  rs. bpha: sent ve +$    E L
tod aJ  d ,nr.   eck.   'ent '10 'he o .er day.
Well bye byejwith x.uch "-ove

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